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Casey Trees @ MANTS

We restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the nation's capital.
We are a Washington D.C. based nonprofit, established in 2002, committed to restoring, enhancing and protecting the tree canopy of the nation’s capital. To fulfill this mission, we plant trees, engage thousands of volunteers of all ages in tree planting and care, provide year-round continuing education courses, monitor the city’s tree canopy, develop interactive online tree tools and work with elected officials, developers, and community groups to protect and care for existing trees and to encourage the addition of new ones.

Address:   3030 12th St. NE Washington, DC 20017
Email:  friends@caseytrees.org     Contact:  
Phone:  202.833.4010   FAX:  202.833.4092



The story of Washington D.C.’s trees extends back to our first President, George Washington, a tree-lover and accomplished horticulturalist who chose the city’s location and the man who originally designed it — Pierre L’Enfant. Planned to support a lush tree canopy with extensive green spaces and tree lined boulevards, D.C. still boasts more green space per capita than most major cities in the the United States. Some consider D.C. as the birthplace of arboriculture due to the tens of thousands of trees planted here in the 1800’s which earned D.C. its nickname, the “City of Trees.”

Estimated to support approximately 50 percent tree canopy in 1950, D.C.’s canopy in 2001 declined to just over 35 percent. A Washington Post article chronicling this decline encouraged Betty Brown Casey, a longtime area resident, to establish Casey Trees in 2002 with its mission: “To restore enhance and protect the tree canopy of the nation’s capital.”

Since then, Casey Trees has set a goal of attaining 40 percent canopy by 2032; planted over 25,000; educated thousands of residents about the importance of urban tree canopy; supported the tree planting efforts of the D.C. Government, the National Parks Service, community groups and residents alike; inventoried and tracked the District’s tree resources to promote continued public funding for D.C.’s trees; advocated for green, tree friendly development and similar pursuits.

If you’re passionate about trees, sign up for a class, help us plant some trees in your neighborhood, or take advantage of the many volunteer opportunities we have available — it’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet people in the City of Trees.

  • Executive

    Mark Buscaino, Executive Director


    Andrew Schichtel, Chief Operating Officer

    Diane Friedman, Office Manager

    Davis Pipher, Maintenance Specialist

    Malwina Maslowska, Business & Grants Associate

    Brittany Tovar, Human Resources Manager

    Laura Cooper, Human Resources Assistant

    Shukura Abbott, Bookkeeper

    Communications & Development

    Italia Peretti, Director

    Vince Drader, CRM Administrator

    Jona Elwell, Communications Specialist

    Abby Holcombe, Communications & Marketing Associate

    Tissa Khosla, Digital Developer

    Evan Kieber, Development Associate

    Science and Policy

    Jessica Sanders PhD, Director

    Michaila Musman, GIS Analyst

    Leah Harnish, Policy Analyst

    Spenser Balog, Sustainable Development Associate


    Melinda Peters, Director

    Kelsey Desmond, Education Program Assistant

    Tree Planting

    Robert Shaut, Director

    Paul Coraggio, Urban Forester II

    Robert Colburn, Data Technician

    Miguel Mattox, Urban Forester

    Cecilia McCrary, Urban Forester

    Jaxon Max, Urban Forester

    Rebecca Shipe, Urban Forester

    Allan Rey, Urban Forestry Manager

    Nick Smalley, Urban Forestry Foreman

    Alex Palacios, Tree Planting Crew

    Andrew Roberts, Tree Planting Crew

    Philip Mouton, Tree Planting Crew

    Arturo Salvador Jimenez, Tree Planting Crew

    Dean Greene, Tree Planting Crew

    Nathan Bradley, Tree Planting Crew

    Kent Greene, Urban Forestry Crew Chief

    Evan Friedman, Urban Forestry Crew Chief

    Jonathan Carney, Urban Forestry Crew Chief

    Alex Kew, Urban Forestry Crew Chief

    Tree Farm

    Todd Woodfield, Nursery Manager

    Debra Woodfield, Nursery Administrative Assistant

    Reid Kemp, Assistant Nursery Manager

    Paul Konopa, Farm Maintenance Technician

    Doug Ball, Farm Crew

    Arturo Cortes, Farm Crew

    Daniel Martin, Farm Crew

    JR Plotner, Farm Crew

    Sean Barrett, Farm Crew

    Meredith Gilmore, Farm Crew

    Dylan Van Stry, Farm Crew


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