CEA: Controlled Environment AG --- Featured Brands / Vendors for Professional Growers

American Coolair --- Greenhouse Fans

American Coolair
Greenhouse Ventilation Systems

Greenhouse Ventilation Systems   Founded in 1928, American Coolair manufactures ventilation products in commercial, industrial, agricultural and horticultural markets throughout the world. ...
    Bioline Agrosciences --- InVivo control agents

    Bioline Agrosciences (InVivo)
    Biological control agents.

    biological control agents.   InVivo has signed an agreement to acquire, through its holding company InVivo AgroSciences, Bioline, a subsidiary of Syngenta specialized in the production and marketing of biological control agents, and in...
      Bluelab --- Hydroponic Test Meters

      Success by Simplicity -- Hand-Held Meters & Control Equipment

      Bluelab® Corporation Limited offers Simple Solutions by manufacturing the favorite hand-held meters and control equipment for measuring and controlling parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature in liquid solutions. Bluelab® meters are so...
        Fibre Dust --- Natural Growing Medium

        Leading provider of soilless, natural growing medium

        WHEN IT COMES TO GROWING ORGANIC, THE NATURE PROVIDES THE BEST TOOLS. For the past decade FibreDust has been the leading provider of soilless, natural growing medium developed from the pith of a coconut husk. Known as coco peat, this organic,...
          GS Thermal Solutions --- LED Grow Light

          GS Thermal Solutions
          Specifically For Cannabis Cultivation

          Engineered & Designed Specifically For Cannabis Cultivation Operate smarter and more effectively by using the science of photosynthesis through GS Thermal Solutions fully integrated cannabis grow solution. GS Thermal Solutions offers the most...
            Heliospectra AB --- LED Lighting Solutions

            Heliospectra AB

            THE LIGHT LOVED BY PLANTS.   Heliospectra’s vision is to create a complete lighting system including biofeedback where the plants are in essence controlling the light system. Our mission is to develop and sell efficient lighting systems that...
              Paskal Technologies --- Greenhouse Solutions

              Paskal Technologies
              Trellising accessories for optimized growth

              Among the company's varied areas of activity: Trellising products and systems for greenhouse production; Substrate media and hydroponic solutions; Monitoring of Crops and Decision Support.   At Paskal, we focus on providing state-of-the-art...
                Thrive Agritech --- LED Grow Lighting

                Thrive Agritech
                Advancing the science of LED grow lighting

                Advancing the science of LED grow lighting Thrive Agritech is changing the way the world cultivates by advancing the science of LED grow lighting. Thrive Agritech is enabling indoor farmers to do more with less by pushing the technological...
                  Valoya --- LED Grow  Lights

                  LED Industry Pioneer

                  Wide spectrum LED grow lights. Grow Better -- Valoya helps growers and researchers reach their cultivation targets efficiently. The core of Valoya’s technology is a high quality, finely balanced, wide LED light spectrum. For 10 years already Valoya...

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