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SePro -- Specialty Solutions for Specialty Markets
Advancing product and technology innovations is just one of several goals for SePRO’s expanding Turf & Ornamental team, to be led by industry trailblazer, John Wendorf. Mr. Wendorf comes to SePRO with almost 30 years of Turf & Ornamental industry experience.

Tenax Corporation -- How To Keep Deer From Eating Your Landscape Plants: by Home, Garden & Homestead.
A trusty fence is probably the longest-lasting way to keep deer from eating valuable landscape plants. Tenax C-Flex high-strength plastic fencing offers dependable protection that keeps hungry deer from eating landscape plants. But this lightweight fencing material does no harm to the animals.

Premier Tech Insect Suppression BIOFUNGICIDE + MYCORRHIZAE
Exclusive to PRO-MIX BIOFUNGICIDE + MYCORRHIZAE, ENHANCE plant growth with MYCORRHIZAE, PROTECT against root diseases caused by specifc root pathogens. Recently approved by the EPA, SUPPRESS fungus gnats and thrips.

Nufarm Cheetah® Pro Non-Selective Herbicide Approved
Nufarm Americas announced the approval of Cheetah® Pro non-selective herbicide. Cheetah Pro provides fast and effective control of grass, sedge and broadleaf weeds in a variety of golf, turf and landscape settings.

Mycorrhizal Applications -- Biorational Portfolio Brochure
Check out our 2020 Biorational Brochure for information about MGK Botanical Insecticides, Actinovate Biofungicides, and VBC Plant Growth Regulators:
BFG Supply: Nursery, Greenhouse, Lawn & Garden
The BFG Supply partners with the best suppliers in the industry to bring you the best products in Horticulture! Brands -- Gardener Select, Grower Select, The Plant Connection, Michael Carr Designs, Friends of Flight, Emerald Park, Wetsel Seed

Bayer Ornamentals -- digital Ornamental Solutions guide 
Ornamental growers are constantly battling new insects, diseases and weeds.  For complete information on all our Bayer Ornamental Products & Solutions you can download our Digital Ornamental Solutions Guide.

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