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Exhibitor News / Promotions -- Disease Control, Problem Solvers, Repellents

Biosafe Systems -- Simply Sustainable, Always Effective.
Lawn, garden, pond care and cleaning products that are field tested and EPA registered. Our ingredients include our patented, activated peroxide formula, botanical extracts, and naturally occurring fatty acids.
BASF Turf & Ornamentals -- Chemical Solutions for Turf and Plant Quality
Since 1865, BASF business groups develop and market chemical solutions for improving turf and plant quality through pest management, weed, disease and insect control.
Griffin Supplies: Controls, Lawn & Garden Problem Solvers
Top lawn & garden center merchandise supplier in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Family Owned & Operated Since 1947.
BioWorks -- insect and foliar disease controls that are safe
BioWorks is an industry leader in providing environmentally responsible, safe, and cost-effective solutions for horticulture industry.
BFG Supply: Lawn & Garden Retail Product Catalog
Insect Repellents, Animal & Pest Management, Rodenticides, Traps, Lawn & Garden Care -- Fungicide, Organic Solutions, Disease Control for gardens & landscapes
Bobbex -- Natural, Effective Safe Deer & Animal Repellents
Bobbex repellents are chemical free-fertilizer. We use a variety of protein based products and a few plant enhancing ingredients that actually make Bobbex good for plants.
Harrell's -- a leading producer & distributor of customized, agronomic solutions
This includes nutritional solutions in both granular and liquid form to help your turf, landscape and plants grow and thrive.
HE Anderson Injectors -- Fertilizer and chemical injection pumps
Since 1955, H.E. Anderson Company is a manufacturer of water treatment equipment specializing in fertigation and pH correction as well as EC and pH monitors
I Must Garden -- Natural Animal Repellents
Products are made with pride in North Carolina with all natural ingredients. We are constantly testing our products to insure the best possible results for the widest range of conditions
The Master Gardner Company -- lawn & garden supplies.
Master Gardner is leading manufacturer of landscape, geotextile, and frost protection fabric. Product lines also include wheelbarrows, spreaders, and fertilizers.
Master Nursery Products -- Granular Fertilizers; Soils and Amendments
Mastery Nursery brand products are all premium products developed specifically for home gardeners. 100% guaranteed.
OHP (Olympic Horticultural) -- Partners with Solutions
OHP Inc, originally Olympic Horticultural Products, was founded with goal of becoming leading provider of technology based pesticide solutions for greenhouse and nursery production markets
PAKGlobal -- From Greenhouse Covers to Weed Control
PAKGlobal is the new name of PAK Unlimited. For over 46 years we have manufactured a variety of specialized horticultural & agricultural fabrics
SePro -- Specialty Solutions for Specialty Markets
Formed in 1993, SePRO focuses on acquiring, developing, manufacturing, and marketing value-added products for such specialty applications as aquatics and horticulture
Cloudfarm Seedsheet -- The Anywhere Garden!
The Seedsheet is your perfect garden. Anyone can have a fully planted weed proof, organic, non-GMO garden in 30 seconds.
Haifa North America -- Pioneering The Future
Global leading supplier of Potassium Nitrate, Specialty Plant Nutrients and Industrial Chemicals. Renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions, Haifa is finely attuned to market trends
J&M Industries -- Protective Coverings
Our stock and custom items include shade cloth, green house film, ground cover, and frost protection cloth as well as burlap sheeting
Liquid Fence -- Pest, Lawn & Garden Solutions
Earth-friendly, guaranteed-effective animal and insect repellents, plus the EcoLogic line of products for the home, lawn and landscape.
Novozymes Bioag -- Healthier Crops & Higher Yields
Global biological pest solutions company that manufactures patented beneficial microbes for the greenhouse, nursery, agriculture and consumer markets. Brands include Actinovate SP, Actino-Iron and NoFly Bio Insecticide.

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