Greenhouse COVERINGS, SHADING --- Featured Brands / Vendors for Professional Growers

Agro Fabric --- Frost Protection

Agro Fabric
Essential Frost Protection without irrigation

Essential Frost Protection without irrigation.   The AgroFabric® System provides essential frost and freeze protection for vegetables, foliage, nursery stock, citrus, strawberries, containerized ornamentals and turf. There’s an AgroFabric...
    AT Films --- Polythene Film Products

    AT Films (RPC BPI Agriculture)
    RPC BPI Agriculture

    We've Got you Covered!   AT Films, Inc. researches, designs and manufactures polythene film products for the horticultural, agricultural and industrial markets. The company’s horticultural films and agricultural films have gained global...
      Berry Plastics --- Protection Solutions

      Innovative Packaging and Protection Solutions

      Innovative Packaging and Protection Solutions.   At Berry Plastics, everything we do is driven by our ability to imagine new possibilities, our determination to deliver the highest quality results and our passion for meaningful improvement,...
        Continental --- Greenhouse Products

        Continental Products
        Industrial Paint & Coatings Since 1916

        The Continental Products Co has been supplying the commercial Greenhouse Industry since the 1940's. For many years Continental was the premiere and leading supplier of specialty greenhouse paints, bedding compounds, and top glazing sealants. In the...
          Cravo --- Greenhouse Roofs, tunnels, and orchard covers

          Cravo Equipment
          World leader in automated retractable roof greenhouses

          The world leader in automated retractable roof greenhouses, tunnels and orchard covers.   For over 30 years, Cravo has led the world in the design and supply of automated retractable roof greenhouses, tunnels and orchard covers helping farmers...
            DeWitt Company --- Landscape Fabrics

            Down To Earth Protection

            Down To Earth Protection Today, DeWitt Company provides a full line of landscape fabrics, knitted and woven shade cloth, ground cover, plant protection, erosion control, kennel covers and more. View our selection of fine products or contact us at...
              Easy Gardener --- Jobes

              Easy Gardener (Jobe's)
              Great Results. Less Work.

              Easy Gardener Products, Inc. is a cultivator of brands that serve the needs of modern gardeners. Since our humble beginnings in 1983 our focus has been on the limitations a busy lifestyle placed on gardeners. Our determination to develop products...
                Evonik Industries --- ACRYLITE®

                Evonik Industries
                Power to Create

                Define your vision with ACRYLITE®.   As a world leader in acrylic technology, Evonik, the maker of ACRYLITE®, has leveraged over 40 years of industry experience to create the most advanced line of uncompromising high-impact acrylic building...
                  Green-Tek --- Greenhouse Covering

                  Cooling Poly Films

                  Coverings & Components.   Quick Ship, Cut to Size, No Minimums……is what makes Green-Tek, Inc. the leading converter, fabricator and master distributor of greenhouse coverings and components, thermal glazing and plastic pallets. Green-Tek...
                    Ken-Bar --- Greenhouse Supplies, Plastic Mulches

                    Products for the Grower

                    Products for the Grower.   Ken-Bar will strive to bring high quality products and fast, reliable service to the agricultural and horticultural marketplace. With over 130 years of experience in this arena, we know that offering excellent...
                      Lumite --- Greenhouse Film, Shade Fabric

                      Groundcover, Greenhouse Film, Shade Fabric, Pool Covers

                      Groundcover, Greenhouse Film, Shade Fabric, Pool Covers.   Lumite groundcover products offer exceptional weed control, eliminating the need for herbicidal or insecticidal sprays. They are UV stabilized for long term exposure to the sun and are...
                        Mardenkro North America --- ReduSystems

                        The Bright Side of Growing!

                        The Bright Side of Growing!   ReduSystems is a group of removable coatings that gives the grower more control over their greenhouse climate. ReduSystems coatings are easy to apply, highly wear-resistant and can be removed at any time. No...
                          Matra Plast Industries--- Hi-Core® twinwall plastic sheets

                          Matra Plast
                          Specializing in the extrusion of twinwall plastic sheets

                          Specializing in the extrusion of twinwall plastic sheets trademarked Hi-Core®.   Matra Plast provides quality polypropylene and high density polyethylene sheet products to a wide variety of end uses including commercial signage, (real estate,...
                            Palram Americas --- Greenhouse Coverings

                            Palram Americas
                            UV Protected, and Specialty Sheet

                            Flat Polycarbonate Sheet (Basic, UV Protected, and Specialty Sheet).   PALSUN Basic, UV, and Specialty Series flat sheet products offer a range of performance characteristics for a variety of applications. Basic Series products are suited for...
                              Phytotronics --- Precision Greenhouse & Nursery Equipment

                              Phytotronics Inc
                              Innovative manufacturer of precision equipment & supplies

                              Practical Solutions for Plant Propagation.   For over 36 years Phytotronics has been an innovative manufacturer of precision equipment and supplies for the commercial greenhouse and nursery grower. Our Phytotronics line of mist controllers and...
                                Plazit-Polygal --- Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets

                                It's all about commitment

                                Plastic Sheets Manufacturer.   The Plazit-Polygal Group is a leading world supplier of plastic sheets, bringing together expert professionals committed to providing high quality & reliable products & solutions, designed to meet our customer’s...
                                  RKW-Klerks --- Industrial Films

                                  When Excellence Matters

                                  Industrial Films.   The RKW-Group is a globally-active company that manufactures films and nonwovens. Since its founding in 1957, the family-owned and operated company, which is not listed on the stock exchange, has made a name for itself with...
                                    Rushmore --- Building & Rush-Co Mower Covers

                                    Rushmore Buildings
                                    Covers and custom engineered fabric products

                                    Canopy covers, fabric covered steel buildings, railcar containment covers, agricultural equipment shields, wind energy component covers and custom engineered fabric products.   Rush-Co is a diversified, family owned manufacturing company...
                                      Trac Rite ---Storage Solutions

                                      Trac Rite
                                      Innovative Rack-Lock system

                                      Storage Solutions.   CONVERT ANY PALLET RACK INTO A SECURE STORAGE UNIT. Because it’s your stuff. And you would prefer to keep it that way. Trac-Rite’s innovative Rack-Lock system is designed to mount directly to standard industrial pallet...
                                        Tunnel Tech --- High Tunnel Structures

                                        Tunnel Tech
                                        Best tunnel designs for wind, temperature, soil type

                                        Creating the Future of Agriculture......Today!   TUNNEL TECH offers 28′ high tunnel structures that are easy to install and are designed to work with your specialized farming equipment. We source the material, construct the tunnels and offer...
                                          Warps ---Lawn Edging, Mulches, Weedshields, Rose Collars

                                          Warp Brothers
                                          Genuine Top Quality Plastics

                                          Warp Bros., a family owned and operated company since 1924, and now in our third generation of family leadership, is still committed to producing GENUINE, TOP QUALITY, FULL WEIGHT PLASTICS for the home and industry. Our consistent high quality...

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