EQUIPMENT & TOOLS --- Featured Brands / Vendors for Professional Growers

Acme Engineering --- Greenhouse ventilation & cooling

Acme Engineering
Fans, blowers, and ventilation equipment

Greenhouse ventilation and cooling!   For nearly 75 years Acme Engineering & Manufacturing Corporation has grown to become a world leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of fans, blowers, and ventilation equipment.For over 55...
    Antal-Cayson Equipment --- Plug Popper

    Antal-Cayson Equipment
    Never Dislodge Plugs by Hand Again

    Subsidiaries of Wright Manufacturing -- Never Dislodge Plugs by Hand Again   Antal / Cayson Equipment has been specializing in the manufacture of plug dislodging equipment for the greenhouse industry since the company was founded in 1981. The...
      BioFuel Tech --- Biomass Thermal Energy

      BioFuel Tech
      Mainstream Biomass Energy

      Mainstream Biomass Energy.   We Make Cost Effective Biomass As Easy To Use As Fossil Fuels! We have developed a very efficient, very clean burning pellet fired furnace or boiler. Automatic ignition. The ultimate in flexibility for getting the...
        Bluelab --- Hydroponic Test Meters

        Success by Simplicity -- Hand-Held Meters & Control Equipment

        Bluelab® Corporation Limited offers Simple Solutions by manufacturing the favorite hand-held meters and control equipment for measuring and controlling parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature in liquid solutions. Bluelab® meters are so...
          Dosatron --- Fertilizer Injection Solutions

          Industry gold-standard for quality & reliability

          SUSTAINABLE FERTILIZER INJECTION SOLUTIONS For beautiful, healthy plants and blooms, professional growers have been turning to Dosatron for trusted experience. With Dosatron, your plants get the right amount of nutrients every time. Our versatile...
            Dramm --- Watering Tools, Fertilizer

            Water Breaker hose nozzles

            Today Dramm Corporation still manufactures millions of Water Breaker hose nozzles along with many other Professional Watering Tools. In addition, Dramm produces its' very own All natural fertilizer for organic crop production for commercial...
              Felco --- Pruners, Loppers, Saws

              Felco (Pygar)
              Make Pruning Easier.

              Make Pruning Easier -- The world-leading manufacturer of professional pruning shears & cable cutters since 1945 Using the "Green" range, FELCO offers a vast choice of tools for professionals dedicated to the nature of the job, whatever their...
                Gilmour --- Garden Hose, Tank Sprayers, Pruning Tools

                Traditional Products for Quality Results

                Gilmour is an innovative developer and manufacturer of four full lines of American-made lawn and garden products. Focused on the gardener's needs, the company creates tools that are efficient, effective, comfortable and easy to use. The company has...
                  Gro Mor --- Pave More

                  Gro Mor (Pave Mor)
                  MINI WAND SEEDER

                  MINI WAND SEEDER We carry hand and wand seeders and supplies for the professional greenhouse grower and products to handle and dispense small quantities of granules, powder, chemicals and fertilizers. GRO-MOR is an innovative company developing...
                    Hanna Instruments --- pH Testing Equipment

                    Hanna Instruments
                    World leader in pH testing equipment

                    Hanna Instruments offers growers a variety of products to increase plant/crop yields and maximize plant growth. You will find Hanna products are extremely easy to use, economical and will assist you in measuring critical parameters such as, pH and...
                      HE Anderson --- Fertilizer Injection Pumps

                      HE Anderson
                      Quality fertilizer & chemical injection pumps

                      Manufactures of the highest quality fertilizer and chemical injection pumps Manufacturer of water treatment equipment specializing in fertigation and pH correction as well as EC and pH monitors. Since 1955, H.E. Anderson Company has been producing...
                        Hozelock --- Watering, Spraying, Weed Control

                        Watering solutions, Spraying, Aquatics, Weed Control

                        Watering solutions, Spraying, Aquatics, Weed Control.   With over half a century of horticultural expertise. Hozelock understand the rewards of gardening and have developed the range to help gardeners to get the most from their involvement in...
                          Irrometer Company --- Soil moisture measuring instruments

                          Irrometer Company
                          Soil moisture measuring, controlling, sampling instruments

                          soil moisture measuring, controlling, and sampling instruments.   The IRROMETER, Company has been in business since 1951, manufacturing soil moisture measuring, controlling, and sampling instruments used worldwide for scheduling irrigation....
                            Jain Irrigation --- Drip Irrigation

                            Jain Irrigation
                            Manufacturer of quality drip irrigation

                            “Leave This World Better Than You Found It”   Jain Irrigation, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality drip irrigation products for the agricultural, turf, greenhouse, nursery, industrial and landscape markets. We have been a leader in the industry...
                              Kase Horticulture --- Commercial Equipment

                              Kase Horticulture
                              Specialize in converting your material handling problems

                              Commercial Horticulture Equipment.   Since 1982, Kase Horticulture has engineered and manufactured quality products for the horticulture bulk material handling industry. We specialize in converting your material handling problems into...
                                Ken-Bar --- Greenhouse Supplies, Plastic Mulches

                                Products for the Grower

                                Products for the Grower.   Ken-Bar will strive to bring high quality products and fast, reliable service to the agricultural and horticultural marketplace. With over 130 years of experience in this arena, we know that offering excellent...
                                  Micro Grow Greenhouse Systems --- Micro Cool Fog

                                  Micro Grow Greenhouse
                                  Commercial greenhouse controls

                                  Providing robust industrial and commercial greenhouse controls.   Micro Grow has been providing growers all over the world with accurate, competitively priced greenhouse controls for over 20 years. Through our network of global distributors,...
                                    Midwest Gro Master --- Fertilizer Injection Systems

                                    Midwest Gro Master
                                    Serving Irrigation Automation Needs of American Growers Since 1986

                                    Serving Irrigation Automation needs of American growers since 1986.   Midwest GROmaster is the little company with big know how and experience in the fields of sub-irrigation, recirculation and fertilizer injection systems. In fact, this is...
                                      Millside Industries --- Garden Carts, Wagons

                                      Millside Industries
                                      Manufacturer of Quality Canadian Made products

                                      Manufacturer of Quality Canadian Made products.   Millside Industries Inc. manufactures Canadian made kids wagons, garden carts, ATV wagons and backyard poultry equipment. Contact us today for more product information, pricing or other...
                                        Myron L --- Handheld Water Meters

                                        Myron L
                                        Our Unique, durable, field-tested design has evolved over 40 years

                                        Myron L has a unique, durable, field-tested design has evolved over more than 40 years, making Myron L instruments among the most reliable and popular of their kind in the world. They're lightweight and compact, yet Myron L's DS and pDS Meters are...
                                          Pace 49 --- KleenGrow™

                                          Pace 49
                                          Fungicide, algaecide, and bactericides

                                          Specializing in cleaners and EPA registered disinfectant PACE 49 Inc. is a full service company specializing in cleaners and an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered disinfectant, fungicide, algaecide, and bactericide for the...
                                            PARsource --- Greenhouse Lighting

                                            Leading greenhouse lighting company

                                            Lighting Solutions.   PARsource has over 20 years of experience in the horticulture and lighting industry. Our seasoned production team and technical resources staff have made us the leading greenhouse lighting company in US.PARsource...
                                              PL Light Systems --- Horticultural Lighting

                                              PL Light Systems
                                              The Lighting Knowledge Company

                                              HIGH-PERFORMANCE LIGHTING FOR LOW-CEILING ENVIRONMENTS PL Light Systems develops and manufactures supplemental lighting systems for the horticultural industry. We offer a complete range of innovative fixtures, lamps and reflectors for optimized...
                                                Priva --- Climate Control Solutions

                                                Priva North America
                                                Sustainable Solutions for Horticultural Automation

                                                Sustainable solutions for horticultural and building automation.   Priva creates innovative solutions for climate control and process management that make minimal use of scarce natural resources, such as energy and water. We lead the way in...
                                                  ProGrow Supply --- Shade Cloth, Ground Cover

                                                  ProGrow Supply
                                                  Protective coverings -- Greenhouses & Plant Nurseries

                                                  Shade Cloth, Ground Cover, Ag Curtains.   ProGrow Supply is a manufacturer of Shade Cloth, Ground Cover, Ag Curtains and other protective coverings for greenhouses and plant nurseries. We offer a variety of products to aid you in the most...
                                                    Rushmore --- Building & Rush-Co Mower Covers

                                                    Rushmore Buildings
                                                    Covers and custom engineered fabric products

                                                    Canopy covers, fabric covered steel buildings, railcar containment covers, agricultural equipment shields, wind energy component covers and custom engineered fabric products.   Rush-Co is a diversified, family owned manufacturing company...
                                                      Schaefer --- Pinnacle Climate Technologies (PCT)

                                                      Schaefer (Pinnacle)
                                                      Innovative Ventilation & Thermal Comfort Solutions

                                                      Pinnacle Climate Technologies.   Schaefer Ventilation Equipment has been designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative, efficient and reliable thermal comfort products for agricultural, horticultural, industrial, commercial and rental...
                                                        Seederman Products --- Needle Seeders

                                                        A needle seeder for all applications

                                                        A needle seeder for all applications, proudly made in the USA   We have needle seeders to suit the small grower and the larger growers. Our needle seeders enjoy exceptional customer satisfaction with growers in the bedding, vegetable and...
                                                          Sensaphone --- Remote Monitoring Solutions

                                                          Keeping plants in greenhouse alive and healthy

                                                          Remote Monitoring And Control Systems.   Get notified when environmental changes threaten your plant inventory. Keeping plants in your greenhouse alive and healthy requires the best possible growing environment. How long does it take you to...
                                                            Siebring Manufacturing ---Greenhouse Equipment, Sprayers

                                                            Greenhouse sprayers, soil sterilization units

                                                            Commercial Greenhouse Equipment.   Siebring Manufacturing Inc. was founded in 1910 by Claude Siebring. Siebring has built a tradition of innovative design, long lasting construction and top notch service. Siebring Manufacturing is a leading...
                                                              Soleno Textiles --- Nonwoven Fabrics

                                                              Soleno Textiles
                                                              Designer and manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics for technical use

                                                              Designer and manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics for technical use.   Soleno Textiles Inc. is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of nonwoven fabrics for technical uses. Thanks to their performance, nonwovens provide a wide range of...
                                                                Solo ---Sprayers, Saws, Trimmers, Air Blowers

                                                                Solo, Inc
                                                                The Better Choice Since 1948

                                                                Your Best Choice for All Around Performance & Satisfaction Solo produces a complete family of Lawn Garden Equipment including chemical sprayers, chain saws, brushcutters & trimmers, and air blowers. Satisfaction is our goal and we know that the...
                                                                  St. George (Kasco) --- Air Purifying Helmet Respirator

                                                                  St. George (Kasco)
                                                                  Unique & Innovative Equipment

                                                                  Unique & Innovative Equipment.   Kasco spray helmet respirators offer the most protection when spraying herbicides / pesticides, and working in dusty conditions. A Kasco helmet respirator has a battery powered electric fan drawing in filtered...
                                                                    Stephens Pipe & Steel --- Fence Materials

                                                                    Stephens Pipe & Steel
                                                                    100% American-owned Fence Products Manufacturer

                                                                    Your Complete Fence Materials Source.   Did you know that Stephens Pipe & Steel is the largest 100% American-owned Fence Products Manufacturer and Distributor in the nation? Browse our site and see why over 4000 fence installers have chosen...
                                                                      Valoya --- LED Grow  Lights

                                                                      LED Industry Pioneer

                                                                      Wide spectrum LED grow lights. Grow Better -- Valoya helps growers and researchers reach their cultivation targets efficiently. The core of Valoya’s technology is a high quality, finely balanced, wide LED light spectrum. For 10 years already Valoya...
                                                                        Warps ---Lawn Edging, Mulches, Weedshields, Rose Collars

                                                                        Warp Brothers
                                                                        Genuine Top Quality Plastics

                                                                        Warp Bros., a family owned and operated company since 1924, and now in our third generation of family leadership, is still committed to producing GENUINE, TOP QUALITY, FULL WEIGHT PLASTICS for the home and industry. Our consistent high quality...
                                                                          Wellmaster --- Nursery Carts & Wagons

                                                                          A proud member of Innovators Alliance

                                                                          Nursery Carts and Wagons.   For almost 30 years, Wellmaster has continually built its reputation on technology innovation and product excellence to provide the highest quality and most reliable products to customers around the world. From...

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