HBI Int'l (Water Saving Granules)

Every Drop is Precious
Water Saving Granules® is a supreme drought-relief product ideal for growers, landscapers, turf, lawns, container growing and successful plant transportation. Water Saving Granules® rapidly channels water through dry and problem soils, and is safe and non-toxic. Water Saving Granules® has been marketed in Australia for over twenty years and is now selling in the USA & Canada.?

Water Saving Granules® reduces water usage by up to 50% It is a superior, safe and natural Granular Water Retention Application that improves moisture and nutrient distribution by channeling water directly to the root zone where it is evenly and rapidly dispersed.

Address:   3401 W. Papago St. Phoenix, AZ 85042
Email:  LizM@watersavinggranules.com     Contact:   Schneider, Amy
Phone:  602-374-2388   FAX:  800-568-2553


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