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Evergreen Nursery Company -- Bare Root Evergreens, Liners.   Cold, Hardy Northern Grown Liners. Our 50 cell Gro-Plugs® are one-year old trees when they arrive at your business. We seed late February to early March for one growing season. We've been in business > 150 years, so we know a thing or two about plants.

Ruppert Nurseries -- 80+ deciduous and evergreen trees
Our wholesale nursery is dedicated to producing plant material of the highest quality. Currently we offer over 250 varieties of deciduous and evergreen trees as well as a handful of shrubs we feel complement our tree inventory.
MANTS Showcase: Join ISA Certified Arborist, Ronda Sneider, for a Virtual Farm Tour!

Shreckhise Nurseries -- Wholesale grower of container plants
A Fourth Generation Wholesale grower of container plants and trees. Established in 1936, Shreckhise Nurseries is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
MANTS Showcase: Emerald Squeeze(TM) Arborvitae

Mobjack Nurseries -- shores of the Mobjack Bay in Virginia
In 86th year of business, Mobjack Nurseries is a wholesale nursery located on western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Our motto is 'Exciting Quality with Exceptional Service'.
MANTS Zoom Meeting: Come meet and greet with the Mobjack staff

Bountiful Farms -- unique & stunning plant material
Specializing in pot-in pot, B&B grafted ornamentals. Located in the Willamette Valley, Bountiful Farms is your source for grafted ornamentals, unusual plant material, and sculptured plant art forms.
MANTS Meeting with representative Scott Durst @ 12:00 PM ... Thurs, Jan 7th

Country Springs Wholesale Nursery
WORKING TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS EVERY DAY. Country Springs Wholesale Nursery has rapidly become one of the leading suppliers of high quality nursery plant material in the Washington/Baltimore area.

Still Pond Nursery Sales -- wholesale grower
A 130 acre wholesale growing operation producing landscape grade, field and container grown, woody ornamental deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees to clientele from Mid-Atlantic through New England. MANTS Showcase: VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW SPECIALS

Waynesboro Nurseries -- Wholesale grower for over 75 years!
Waynesboro Nurseries is a major wholesale supplier for the Eastern United States with customers from Canada to Georgia. We offer a wide variety of plant materials to meet the needs of the green industry; from ground covers and ornamental grasses to evergreens and large shade trees. MANTS Showcase: Please see Specials and Availability

Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia -- container-grown trees
With > 150 fruit tree varieties, newest cutting edge flowering & ornamental shrubs, 50+ azalea varieties, hundreds of hybrid & shrub rose cultivars, rhododendrons, grasses, hydrangeas ... you'll find what you are looking for.
MANTS Highlights: Roses + Container Grown Fruit Trees

Martin's Nursery -- Azaleas & Ornamentals
Quality container grown woody ornamentals, flowering shrubs, small fruit and trees comprises our mix. Pot sizes include 7's, 3's, trade 3's, full gallons, and trade gallons. Over 50 varieties of traditional azaleas account for 60% of our plants.

Casper's Nurseries -- Growing a Green Planet
Serving professionals in the horticulture industry since 1957. We only sell wholesale, to a growing nationwide customer base. Our third-generation wholesale nursery provides over 300 varieties of plants. MANTS Showcase: Early Spring Specials

John Holmlund Nursery -- Flowering and Ornamental Trees
Our trees are specifically grown for major bare-root tree markets; caliper and specimen tree growers, container operations, re-wholesale, and garden centers.
MANTS Showcase: Meet with representatives for Stock Availability Zoom Meeting

ArcheWild Native Nurseries -- landscape restoration
ArcheWild is a mission-driven native landscape design and restoration firm specializing in leading transformational programs for large land owners, government agencies, and unique corporate customers. MANTS Showcase: Seed-Grown Restoration Trees/Shrubs

American Native Plants -- THE COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE FOR THE RESTORATION-LANDSCAPE INDUSTRY. American Native Plants is committed to growing and distributing native plants that are critical to the establishment of biodiverse natural ecosystems. MANTS Showcase: Wholesale Pricelist: January 2021

Alpha Nursery -- Wholesale grower
Wholesale grower of container grown ornamentals, trees, roses, Bushel & Berry, Sunset Western Garden Collection, Encore Azaleas, Proven Winners brand and more!
MANTS Showcase: Juniperus chinensis, horizontalis 'Blue Chip', sabina 'Buffalo'

Acorn Farms Nursery
Creating Distinctive Nursery Products for Wholesale. Acorn Farms is an Ohio nursery in Alum Creek Valley. Today we offer 800 acres of shade and ornamental trees and 45 acres of container nursery stock. MANTS Showcase: Special Pricing & Availability options

Hoffman Nursery -- We Grow Good Grass®
A wholesale nursery providing ornamental and native grass liners since 1986. Hoffman Nursery specializes in producing top quality, ornamental and native grass liners for the wholesale trade. MANTS Showcase: Grass chats and virtual visits using Zoom

DeGroot -- Perennials, Flowerbulbs, Fruits & Vegetable
DeGroot Information Chat @ MANTS .... 11:00 AM Thursday, January 7th ... Representatives will be available to answer any questions you may have. A wholesale-only grower, we have been supplying top quality products for >60 years! We carry a full selection of: Perennials, Spring Flowerbulbs, Fall Flowerbulbs, Small Fruits & Vegetable. MANTS Special: receive 10% OFF product order

Monrovia Growers -- Distinctively Better® plants
2021 Featured Plants Presentation @ MANTS Business Hub

For Zoom Meeting info regarding Monrovia: 2021 Featured Plant, email; Join Zoom Meeting ID: 385 039 7002; Passcode: 1211

Overdevest Nurseries -- trees, shrubs, vines, perennials
Overdevest Nurseries with SynRG® Charter Growers Announce Educational Programs for MANTS! Join industry visionaries and world-class breeders to get a peek behind the curtain of exciting new plant introductions! SynRG® is taking you on a trip around the world!

Saunders Brothers -- annuals, perennials, and woody shrubs
Sheridan Nurseries with SynRG® Charter Growers Announce Educational Programs for MANTS! Join industry visionaries and world-class breeders to get a peek behind the curtain of exciting new plant introductions! SynRG® is taking you on a trip around the world!
Prides Corner Farms -- Better Together
Sheridan Nurseries with SynRG® Charter Growers Announce Educational Programs for MANTS! Join industry visionaries and world-class breeders to get a peek behind the curtain of exciting new plant introductions! SynRG® is taking you on a trip around the world!

Sheridan Nurseries -- Never Stop Growing
Sheridan Nurseries with SynRG® Charter Growers Announce Educational Programs for MANTS! Join industry visionaries and world-class breeders to get a peek behind the curtain of exciting new plant introductions! SynRG® is taking you on a trip around the world to hear the stories behind some of our favorite new plants.

Willoway Nurseries -- Rooted to Grow!
Willoway with SynRG® Charter Growers Announce Educational Programs for MANTS! Join industry visionaries and world-class breeders to get a peek behind the curtain of exciting new plant introductions! SynRG® is taking you on a trip around the world to hear the stories behind some of our favorite new plants.

Angelica Nurseries --- Wholesale & Supply Store
We produce landscape grade woody ornamental plants for use in the professional nursery trade. Years of expertise in refining our horticultural practices produces plants with greater ‘livability’ in sustainable landscapes.

Babikow Greenhouses -- Perennials, Grasses, Annuals & Pansies
Located in Baltimore, MD since 1875 --- The mission of Babikow Greenhouses is to enhance the quality of people's lives by producing sustainable plants that thrive in local landscapes.

Bloomin' Easy -- Look for the blue pot (Van Belle Nursery)
Bloomin' Easy® is a collection of new & improved ornamental varieties that offer time-strapped homeowners unique aesthetic value and attributes that help make success easier for them. With relevant products, eye-catching packaging and after-purchase support, hesitant consumers become inspired to 'jump-in.'

Cavano's Perennials -- wholesale container nursery > 1,200 varieties
Cavano's Perennials, Inc. is located on two properties in Kingsville, Maryland just northeast of Baltimore MD. We offer top quality Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, Ferns, Vines, Herbs, Fall Pansies, Low Impact, Natives and other Seasonal Plants grown in our own greenhouses and delivered on our trucks from our farm to garden centers, nurseries, landscape contractors, and re-wholesalers in the mid-Atlantic.

Clear Ridge Nursery -- Native Plants for Conservation
Full service plant and product supplier with an experienced staff. We've been growing Native Tree and Shrubs for 24+ years and can supply Quality Ornamental plants to meet your needs.

Foxborough Nursery -- Growing with Pride and Distinction Since 1978
A wholesale nursery, specializing in rare and unusual plant material. With an emphasis on quality we also produce a wide variety of trade-standard trees, shrubs and conifers.

Hopewell Nursery -- A Wholesale Nursery Stock Grower
We are now 1,800 acres strong with over 4 million square feet of polyhouse production and 100 acres of pot-in-pot production. We have grown from a plan to a first class nursery serving many markets from the Mid-Atlantic States to the northeast and into Michigan area with > 2000 different varieties of plants.

Jericho Farms -- Trees & Shrubs
A 350 acre nursery located in Pikeville, NC with thousands of B&B and container shade trees, ornamental flowering trees, broadleaf evergreens, and conifers. Field grown plants are drip irrigated.

May Nursery -- Established in 1971 ... Honesty, Quality, Service
In 1971, Fount H. May, Sr. and Don F. May, Sr., completely converted the family's Havana, Florida tobacco farm to a nursery that concentrated on Azaleas, ilexes and junipers. The agricultural roots of the May family go back to the 19th century in North Florida.... back more than 150 years.

Olney Gardens -- wholesale nursery / grower
A leading provider of wholesale nursery stock, our farm consists of 38 acres of evergreen and deciduous trees, as well as container trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and ferns.

The Perennial Farm -- Highest Quality ... Fastest Delivery
We continue to introduce new varieties of plants and have grown over 1,000 different varieties for our wholesale customers. The Perennial Farm was started in 1980 at its present location in Glen Arm, Maryland. Our landscape roots have given us valuable insight into the needs of garden centers and landscapers.

Robinson Nursery -- Wholesale bare root trees & shrubs
Robinson Nursery offers > 300 different varieties of shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubs. Our soil is rich and deep and water is abundant and clean. Our mild climate is moderated by the Pacific Ocean. All these factors play a part in our ability to grow excellent, high quality trees and shrubs.

Saunders Brothers -- annuals, perennials, and woody shrubs
Located in beautiful Nelson County, Virginia, Saunders Brothers grows quality peaches, apples, Asian pears, vegetables, flowering shrubs, annuals and perennials, hanging baskets, and woody shrubs.

Suntory Flowers -- Unrooted cuttings from propagation partners
Suntory Flowers is part of the Suntory family of companies, encompassing 321 different companies worldwide and more than 38,000 employees. Our network of companies are involved in everything from food and beverage to flowers.

Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries -- Native prairie plants and seeds
With three decades of experience growing, harvesting and preparing seed, plants, shrubs and trees, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries (TCRN) produces the highest-quality native, local-genotype seed and plants available. Our seed is typically collected within a 150-mile radius of each of our nurseries.

Van Belle Nursery -- Propagators of YoungPlant liners
A wholesale nursery, we grow and propagate over 400 varieties of cold-hardy container plants. Brands include: Bloomin' Easy, Proven Winners, Ball Ornamentals, First Editions. Van Belle Nursery was established in 1973, with 10 acres and the dream of growing cold-hardy ornamentals for Eastern market.

Walnut Springs Nursery Inc -- Wholesale Growers of Annuals
A family owned and operated grower of annuals serving greater Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia areas. Over five decades of organizational growth at Walnut Springs, quality means growing a beautiful, healthy product we’d be proud to have in our own homes, gardens, and beds.

Plants West -- ornamentals, conifers, trees, topiaries
Wholesale grower and distributer of top quality ornamentals, conifers, trees and topiaries. We offer a large assortment of b&b and container grown plants for both the retailer and the re-wholesaler.
MANTS Special: Buxus x. Green Velvet!

Four Seasons Nursery -- wholesale and retail grower
We are a wholesale and retail grower of annuals, perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees located in the heart of South Jersey. We offer wholesale pricing for contractors, landscapers, institutions, and resalers.
MANTS Special: Evergreen Liner Special!

Buck Jones Nursery -- Plants, Sod, Landscape Supplies
Since 1972, Buck Jones Nursery has been providing green industry professionals with the best in container and field-grown trees and shrubs. In addition to our growing capabilities at two farm locations, we also provide many different trees, shrubs, groundcovers and hardscape materials at our two metro-Atlanta locations.
MANTS Special: Gillsville & Wrens Farm Tree Sales

Raker-Roberta's -- Young Plants
The leading wholesaler of custom grown plugs and liners in North America. Through both seed and vegetative propagation, Raker-Roberta's supplies over 3,000 plant varieties to greenhouses and nurseries around the planet.
MANTS Special: Garden Mum Liner: Early Order Discount

Mid Atlantic Native Plant Farm -- propagation nursery
A grower of native plants of the Eastern Seaboard, Mid Atlantic Region with a focus on the Chesapeake Bay for over 35 years! ORGANICALLY grown native perennial PLUGS, grasses, wetland and pollinator support.
MANTS Special: 10% Off BARE ROOT

DeGroot -- Perennials, Flowerbulbs, Fruits & Vegetable
A wholesale-only grower, we have been supplying top quality products for over 60 years! We carry a full selection of: Perennials, Spring Flowerbulbs, Fall Flowerbulbs, Small Fruits & Vegetable.
MANTS Special: receive 10% OFF product order

Abbott-IPCO -- Bulbs are our business from START to FINISH
Since 1970 ABBOTT-IPCO has served the Horticulture industry as an International source of caladium bulbs, imported Holland bulbs, perennials, and many other new and unique products for the greenhouse industry, garden center, and landscaper.
MANTS Special: Canna Lily Rhizome For Sale

Bailey Nurseries -- Premium Brands, Exceptional plants
Premier Brands to Grow Your Bottom-Line. Our First Editions®, Endless Summer and Easy Elegance® collections, along with our other premium brands, continually push the boundaries of what can be accomplished with exceptional plants.
MANTS Special: Partnership that’s always in season!

Ball Horticultural -- Ornamental Crops
Ball Horticultural Company is a leader in all facets of horticulture. Our global family of breeders, research and development teams, suppliers, and distribution companies has a strong presence on six continents in 20 countries.
MANTS Specials: Ball Seed products

Darwin Perennials -- Bare Root, Liners, Unrooted Cuttings
Darwin Perennials® varieties are bred, trialed and selected for longevity in the garden, landscape and the marketplace. We strive to provide you with Perennials With Staying Power™ so you can offer perennials with selling power.
MANTS Special: NEW Sombrero Poco™ Yellow!

Decker's Nursery -- Finished Nursery Stock, Specialty Liners
Since 1921, Decker's Nursery has been propagating plants and relationships. Providing high quality liners of the best genetics to wholesale nurseries across the U.S. We offer variety of potted deciduous & evergreen shrubs, grafted evergreens.
MANTS Special: We are offering many new cultivars this year

George Bridge Boxwoods -- Specializing in unique and mature plants
George Bridge is a leading grower and supplier of one of the largest collections of unique and mature plants, trees and boxwood in the U.S. The Boxwood Farm is known for its lush green, large specimen, hedging, and topiary boxwood.
MANTS Special: TOPBUXUS® Boxwood Care Products 10% Off

Greenleaf Nursery -- Wholesale Grower of Predictable Quality Plants
Greenleaf is one of America's largest wholesale nursery growers, each year producing many millions of container-grown plants for retailers, re-wholesalers and landscapers across the U.S. and Canada.

Hawksridge Farms -- Trees and Ornamental Shrubs
Wholesale Container Shrubs, Trees, Perennials and Ornamental Grasses. The nursery sits on 120 acres and currently uses about 70 acres for production of woody ornamentals, perennials, grasses, vines and trees.
MANTS Special: 10% discount on orders > $3,000 picked up or delivered between 1/1 and 2/28/21

The Holly Factory -- ornamental trees
Florida's Friendliest Nursery .... We've been growing the highest quality ornamental trees in Alachua, Florida since 1997. Our vision is to provide a high quality and consistent source of larger container grown woody ornamentals.
MANTS Special: List of 2021 Availability

Ingleside Plantation Nurseries -- Virginia's Largest & Finest Nursery
Nursery stock from ground covers to large specimen shade trees. Our market area includes Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Midwest regions. Production list includes vines, perennials, grasses, shrubs, azaleas, broadleaf evergreens, conifers.
MANTS Special: Natchez Crape Myrtles & Sun Valley Red Maples 30% OFF

InstantHedge -- Your transformed oasis awaits
InstantHedge is only nursery of its kind in US, using revolutionary, proprietary technology to create lush, pre-formed hedge units for instant privacy and design in just one day with incredible convenience.
MANTS Special: 15% off Arborvitae Hedges, Box Honeysuckle MiniHedges

J.C. Bakker & Sons Wholesale Nurseries -- woody ornamentals
J.C. Bakker & Sons Ltd. is your family owned and operated wholesale source for Quality Trees, Top Brand Shrubs, Hardy Roses, Evergreens and much more. We are located in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula, in St. Catharines Ontario.
MANTS Special: Check our link closer to MANTS to view specials

Kenneth Myers & Sons -- Seedlings, Rooted Cutting, Budded Plants
We sell bare root liners, B&B, and containers. We also sell trees for reforestation. We use Grow Straight and Bamboo Canes to insure straight trunks on all bare root trees. We take pride in providing the highest quality grown trees and plants.
MANTS Special: 10% off total order

Kind Earth Growers -- wholesale nursery
Founded to meet demand for native wet-land and dry–site perennials used in ecological restoration, storm–water management and functional landscape design. Our plants are seed grown from open pollinated, native populations to help preserve regional genetic diversity.
MANTS Special: Free shipping for orders of 56 trays

Kraemer's Nursery -- containerized and field grown stock
We grow a wide diversity of woody and ornamental flowering shrubs, broadleaf evergreens, grasses, perennials, conifers, roses, vines, small fruits, Japanese maples and deciduous trees.
MANTS Special: Special Pricing good on Orders Placed

Monrovia Growers -- Distinctively Better® plants
Monrovia connects humans to the finest of nature. We grow the healthiest plants for you to create outdoor spaces. Monrovia has the largest selection of plants online, from shrubs, perennials, annuals, trees, grasses, and conifers.

Neuschwander's Nursery -- Conifers & Japanese Maples
Neuschwander Nursery is nested in Oregon's fertile, northern Willamette Valley. The Neuschwander family has been stewards of their propery for over 100 years.
MANTS Special: Spring Sale!

Piedmont Carolina Wholesale Nursery & Landscaping -- unique plants
Piedmont Carolina specializes in high quality unique product offerings that other wholesalers cannot provide, as well as the tried and true favorites! Our team is full of seasoned industry professionals ready to help you will all of your plant needs.
MANTS Special: Introductory Offer Of These Great New Viburnums

Pope's Plant Farm -- Family-owned and operated for > 40 years
We produce a large variety of plants including spring annuals, fall mums, pansies, poinsettias -- our newest addition being a full line of succulents. Wholesale only, we ship to garden centers, hardware stores, flower shops, florists, distributors.
MANTS: Free case of 2.5" Assorted Combos with $1000 order

Roseland Nurseries -- Wholesale Tree Growers Since 1965
Roseland Nurseries, located on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore, is dedicated to providing quality trees and quality service. We are a family-owned business and invite you to visit our 700 acre nursery whenever possible whether by land or air.

Sampson Nursery -- Azaleas, Camellias, Hollies, Conifers
Wholesale nursery providing quality plants to Green Industry Professionals. We specialize in container grown Azaleas, Camellias, Hollies, Conifers and Native Ornamental Plants. We offer Delivery Throughout the Mid-Atlantic States.
MANTS Special: Save on your Spring Orders!

Uxbridge Nurseries -- field-grown trees, shrubs, evergreens
Vines • Perennials • Ornamental Grasses ... We specialize in large caliper field-grown trees, shrubs, and evergreens, all grown in different types of rich soils. Our trees are grown not only to look great, but excel in quality as well.
MANTS Special: Save $1,500 on shipping!

Water Crest Farms Nursery -- Specimen Hollies
A full service nursery outlet stocking and sourcing all plant needs from shade trees, evergreens, flowering trees, shrubs and perennials. Our nursery grows wide range of hollies, unusual conifers, screening evergreens, hard to find plants
MANTS Special: 25% discount on all orders > $2,000

Star® Roses & Plants (Conard-Pyle) -- The Knock Out® Family of Roses
Star® Roses and Plants/Conard-Pyle is proud to have introduced all seven members of The Knock Out® Family of Roses. They are the most disease resistant roses on the market. Easy to grow and do not require special care.

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