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Natural Facing @ MANTS

Natural Facing @ MANTS -
Natural Facing @ MANTS -

2021 MANTS Show Specials:

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Perfected by nature. Brought to you by Natural Facing.
Natural Facing sawn thin stone veneer gives new options to the beauty and durability of natural stone. With many shapes and colors to choose from, the options are extensive. Let us bring nature to your project.

Natural Facing is the leading sawn thin stone provider in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S.

Our Products

Natural Facing customers will enjoy unending quality & beauty of nature’s most durable building material.

  • A variety of sawn thin stone blends in four distinct shapes: ledgestone, mosaic, roughly rectangular, and architectural series. See all the blends on our website and preview our digital lookbook for inspiration.
  • Accessories to complete the job: electrical boxes, sills, address and date plates, and matching corners.

Why Natural Facing?

What sets Natural Facing apart is dedication to superior products and outstanding customer service.

  • We control the process from sourcing and fabrication to blending and delivery.
  • Product delivered is pre-blended and well-cut for easy installation.
  • We’ve invested in resources for architects, dealers, and masons to help their customers get the full advantages of real stone.
  • Stone Tracker™ from Natural Facing ensures you know the status of orders with proactive updates.

Address: PO Box 5396 Baltimore, MD 21209
Email:  info@naturalfacing.com     Contact: Jennifer Wies
Phone:  (866) 369-8952   FAX:  888-434-0323


Sawn Thin Natural Stone

Natural Facing’s selection to sawn thin natural stone is available in a variety of blends with four shapes distinct shapes: Ledgestone, Mosaic, Roughly Rectangular, and Architectural Series.

Our product comes from a quarry, not a factory. Natural Facing is 100% real stone and naturally weather proof. It doesn’t chip or wear like manufactured stone. Some of the advantages of sawn thin stone veneer from Natural Facing:

  • Easy to Install
  • Infinite Durability
  • Timeless Beauty
  • Lifetime Weather Resistance
  • Natural Color Palette
  • No Artificial Color Applied to Surface
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Minimal Environmental Impact
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
  • Low Moisture Absorbency

Natural Facing is available in a variety of blends and four distinct shapes:

  • Ledgestone
  • Mosaic
  • Roughly Rectangular
  • Architectural Series

Visit our website to view our full product line or get inspired!

Sawn Thin Stone Accessories

Complete the look of any sawn thin stone project with accessories from Natural Facing.

Matching Corners: Ensure the project seamlessly transitions around corners with pieces cut to match the stone.

  • Approximate Thickness: 3/4" - 1 1/2"
  • Approximate Face Height: Depends on stone
  • Approximate Face Length: Short sides 3-5” long and long sides 5”-10” long
  • Profile/Shape: 90 degrees
  • Packaging: 50 lnft, 20 lnft 

Single or Double Electrical Box: Incorporate required electrical outlets and fixtures through the use of electrical boxes from Natural Facing.

  • Dimensions: 1.5" Deep x 7" Tall x 7" Wide (Double) or 1.5" deep x 6" wide x 6" tall (single)
  • Packaging: 20 per crate

Smooth and Rock Faced Sills: Cap off the accent wall with a sill.

  • Dimensions: 2” thick x 3” deep x 48” long
  • Packaging: 60 pcs per crate

Address Plate and Cornerstone Plate: Display the address or date of the project with this engraved stone feature.

  • Dimensions: 1" thick x 8" tall x 10" wide
  • Packaging: per project, leadtime will vary
  • Notes: Custom order, ships separately.

View more photos and details on our accessories page.

We make natural stone convenient and easy.

Natural Facing is the culmination of two careers. One in the stone industry. One in transportation. By combining an in-depth knowledge of natural stone with decades of logistics experience, Natural Facing is able to do what other companies can’t: provide a quality product with exceptional service.

Natural Facing saves you time and money.

Natural Facing is more durable and beautiful than manufactured stone. Using the latest techniques, we’re able to cut the stone for applications previously inaccessible for natural stone and reduce the costs of building stone. Our operations team ensures product is available and that delivery runs smoothly to stone yards and project sites. Our quality material makes installation easier.

We look out for our customer’s needs.

We’ve invested the resources that our customers need. Natural Facing believes in partnerships and supporting the entire sales process. Architects get resources for designing and planning. Dealers get marketing support and training. Masons get pre-blended, well-cut stone. Customers get the natural beauty and durability of real stone.

We communicate throughout the buying experience.

Stone Tracker from Natural Facing ensures the end user knows the status of their orders through proactive updates. This allows you to communicate with your team and keep your project on track.

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