Planteck International

THE place for Itoh, tree and herbaceous peony micropropagation.
Planteck is dedicated to the tissue culture propagation of plants and was the first and is still the only lab in the world offering large quantities of peonies from tissue culture to the horticultural market. Planteck, a Canadian based company, has developed unique technologies for the micropropagation and large-scale production of diverse plant species. The mission of Planteck is to develop commercially viable methods of micropropagation for new and added-value horticultural plants.

The result of early R&D has been that we are the FIRST lab in the world to commercially micropropagate peonies, previously considered impossible or difficult to micropropagate in economically viable quantities at reasonable cost. We have also developed unique protocols for the in vitro germination of a large number of hardy orchids. We have established protocols for production contracts of poplar, hostas, hellebores, ligularia, day lilies, geranium, canna, echinacea and pennisetum; and our product list continues to expand.

Address:   801 Route 344, C.P. 3158 L'Assomption, PQ J5W4M9
Email:      Contact:   Labbe, Richard
Phone:  450-589-6162 ext. 5   FAX:  450-589-6162


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