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Ceramo Company -- Pottery for Every Lifestyle.  We feature flower pots and planters from almost 20 different manufacturers located in 8 different countries, and our catalog collections offer one of the largest product selections in the industry. Highlights -- Granite Clay Flower Pots .. Powder Coated Standard Pots & Saucers

East Jordan Plastics -- Trays, Pots, Containers
We manufacture thermoform Round & Square pots, inserts, market paks, plug & liner trays ... plus injection-molded Round & Square pots, decorative hanging baskets, bowls, planters.
MANTS SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: Stadium Pots and Trays

Thriving Design -- plant supports
Build versatile, sturdy plant supports in a SNAP! An innovative garden product design featuring the patented C-BITE garden clips. A customizable, reusable, and super-strong plant support. MANTS Showcase & Specials: Free Shipping on 2 Cases

The HC Companies -- Horticultural Containers
We are leading source for smart solutions for the growing industry™… from plastic planters and growing pots to nursery containers, garden containers, flats, plug trays and seed starting kits.

Root Pouch -- containers, vertical garden pouches
Healthier plants start with Root Pouch. We reinvented the plastic plant container. Today, Root Pouch offers a range of sustainable gardening products made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials.
MANTS Special: all orders booked will receive free freight!

Sporticulture -- Sports Licensing and Marketing Opportunities
Put the Power of Sports Marketing to Work for You! Sporticulture offers a new and innovative opportunity for the horticultural industry, providing unprecedented access to Sports Licensing and Marketing Opportunities to Growers, Retailers, and Landscape Contractors nationwide.

CowPots -- Biodegradable, Plantable Pot
Committed to high quality, biodegradable, plantable pot! Made from COW manure! CowPots were created by a family of dairy farmers. CowPots are in production year round with 10 different sizes to choose from.
MANTS Special: 10% OFF when you spend $100

Crescent Garden Planters -- We help you Grow
Our collection of classical and contemporary designs are lightweight, high impact, all weather resistant and made from 100% recyclable polyethylene. Bringing together beauty, functionality and easy-care, our planters will enhance any space.
MANTS Special: Customizing your Planters Can be Personalized

Curtis Wagner Plastics -- Plant Saucers & Liners
Wholesale Plant Saucers & Liners – Clear Floral Boxes & Cork Mats. Curtis Wagner Plastics is an accepted leader in the plastics industry and specializes in providing the most advanced and durable products for lawn and garden centers
MANTS Special: Specials on ALL SAUCERS!

High Caliper -- The Smart Growing System Solution
The High Caliper™ Growing System is a high quality - low cost system of tree and shrub production. Featuring The Smart Pot & Smart Pot-In-Ground (the Root Control Bag™), the High Caliper™ Growing System promotes better roots and better growth.

IDE.L. s.r.l. -- plastic pots, planters, trays and containers
IDeL offers a deep range of plastic pots and containers, for gardening, DIY and indoor/outdoor decoration. IDeL Professional --- the best plastic pots for the best plant growers and nurseries. Quality raised to functionality!
MANTS Special: Face to face with IDeL!

NYP Corp -- Wholesale Nursery Supplies Since 1946
Burlap, polypropylene, sandbags, twine, and more. NYP has proudly served the industrial, agricultural, and horticultural industries as well as many government agencies with burlap and other custom textile bags and packaging fabrics.
MANTS Special: NYP Corp HOT LIST Show Specials!

Riverside Plastics, Inc -- Decorative Containers
Decorators, plantscapers, architects, and Landscape Designers specify Riverside containers for projects around the world. The unique surface provides the look and feel of clay pots but… since they’re made of strong, durable polyethylene there’s no worry of breakage, chipping or cracking as you’ll experience with clay pots.
MANTS Special: 10% Show Discount on all products through February 15th

TreeDiaper -- Zynnovation, Inc.
An advanced plant hydration system. TreeDiaper is a patented, multifunctional plant protection system featuring slow-releasing irrigation, auto-recharging with rain/snow, salt damage mitigation, weed control & extreme weather protections.
MANTS Special: Bulk Packaging Discounts Available!

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