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IDE.L. s.r.l. -- Download our catalogue here
The best plastic pots for the best plant growers! IDeL offers to your retail store a deep range of plastic pots and containers, for gardening, DIY and indoor/outdoor decoration. IDeL Professional --- the best plastic pots for the best plant growers and nurseries.

Crescent Garden -- New Personalized Planters!
Crescent Garden introduces New Personalized Planters. Make your next project unique by customizing the planters. Can be Personalized .... with several of the Crescent Garden planters you can now add your logo for a customized look and feel.

Thriving Design -- plant supports
Thriving Design, the innovative garden product start-up of Colorado inventor Jason Rider and his sister Morgan Rider, announced the debut of its groundbreaking C-BITEs at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show!

The Tree Diaper: Making Tree Irrigation Easier ..... by Nashville Tree Conservation Corps The Tree Diaper, an irrigation product, is a water permeable plastic ring that is laid around the base of a freshly planted tree to absorb water and slowly release it as the tree grows.

The HC Companies -- USDA Certification for Biobased Products
The HC Companies – North America’s leading manufacturer of horticulture containers – is now a proud recipient of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Certified Biobased Product Labeling Program for both EcoGrow® and FiberGrow® lines of sustainable growing containers, and fiber protective packaging solutions.

Jiffy -- Growing Media, Containers, Seeds
Now available: Jiffy’s European substrates Highest quality ingredients, enhanced manufacturing, global experience and local service. Plus more choices than ever thanks to new Jiffy Essence and Jiffy Finesse Growbags -- Jiffy has doubled its range of growbags. Now it’s easier than ever for plant propagators and growers to meet their crops’ needs and boost yields.

TDI Brands (Tierra Garden) -- Exclusive Agreement with Wagner
TDI Brands, a forerunner in supplying innovative products to garden centers for over 23 years, announced an exclusive licensing agreement within the lawn and garden market with Wagner®, a European manufacturer of plant caddies.

Root Pouch -- product information catalog, Spec Sheet
Healthier plants start with Root Pouch. We reinvented the plastic plant container. Today, Root Pouch offers a range of sustainable gardening products made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials.

High Caliper -- Online digital catalog / updates
Smart Pots announces new colors, raised beds, clip strip items and display cases. We added 3 new colors to our line, Berry Blue, Mandarin Orange & Violet. We resigned our packaging to be more eye catching and informative.

Curtis Wagner Plastics -- Plant Saucers & Liners
The Marketing Impact of Point-of-Purchase Displays (Nov 24, 2020) .... Plant saucers and liners might not seem like an impulse buy item. For customers who might not be aware of these products, however, the right advertising at the point of purchase can make a big difference for your sales and profitability.

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