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Bailey Nurseries -- Endless Summer® hydrangeas
Bailey Nurseries
Endless Summer continues to set the standard for garden world
Endless Summer® is the world's first and best-selling collection of reblooming hydrangea. With our emphasis on superior genetics, quality grown products, inviting packaging and consumer marketing, the Endless Summer® brand gives your customers the...
    Ball Horticultural -- Ornamental Crops

    Ball Horticultural
    Since 1905 .... a leader in all facets of horticulture
    All the Best and Nothing Else.  Ball Horticultural Company is a leader in all facets of horticulture. Our global family of breeders, research and development teams, suppliers, and distribution companies has a strong presence on six continents...
      Dave Wilson Nursery:  Fruit, Nut, & Shade Trees
      Dave Wilson Nursery
      Trees for both commercial orchards and the home garden trade
      Growing Fruit, Nut, & Shade Trees Since 1938 Established by Dave Wilson in 1938 on a small piece of rented ground near Modesto, California, our company has grown to become one of the largest growers of deciduous fruit, nut and shade trees in the...
        Fairy Gardening from Michells

        Growing your business from the ground up since 1890
        Offering over 60 varieties of miniature plant selections and hundreds of hardgoods items to make the perfect miniature garden --- Growing your business from the ground up since 1890 Serving retailers, landscapers, greenhouse growers, and...
          Oglesby -- Tropical Plants

          Oglesby Plants
          Most reliable supplier in the industry
          Year Round Sales -- Young Plants Shipped worldwide Tropical plants have one advantage... your customers want them every day of the year. Oglesby Plants International has been in the tropical plant business since 1947 and offers a complete line of...
            Deer-Leerious Plants

            Perennial Farm (The)
            The Highest Quality ... Best Customer Service ... Fastest Delivery
             Deer-Leerious TM Plants "Plants deer don't like to eat"   -  Here’s how the program works!   Deer are not so cute when they’re eating your garden. They surely have a place, but...
              Spring Meadow Nursery -- Liners Growers Count On

              Spring Meadow Nursery
              Best flowering shrub liners and genetics
              For over 35 years, nursery growers look to Spring Meadow for the best flowering shrub liners and genetics. Known for consistent quality and branching. When you sell a finished plant, we know it's your reputation on the line. That's why we raise all...
                The Knock Out® Family of Roses, Star® Roses & Plants

                Star® Roses (Conard-Pyle)
                Conard-Pyle is proud to have introduced all seven members of The Knock Out® Family of Roses
                The Knock Out® Family of Roses Star® Roses and Plants/Conard-Pyle is proud to have introduced all seven members of The Knock Out® Family of Roses. The Knock Out® Family of Roses are easy to grow and do not require special care. They are the most...
                  Take It Easy™ Roses

                  Weeks Roses
                  Growers of the World's Finest Roses
                  Take It Easy, relax and enjoy life! You won't have much work to do in the garden after planting this new rose for which NATURAL DISEASE resistance is a true statement. The dark green, shiny & healthy foliage is the perfect background to showcase...

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