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HOTBIN Composting of North America @ MANTS

2021 MANTS Show Specials

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    Compost faster with HOTBIN! The HOTBIN composter works year-round to recycle your food and garden waste into rich, organic compost quickly. Bacteria naturally produces heat as they digest your waste and the highly insulating HOTBIN locks in the heat, allowing you to hot compost. Steaming away at up to 140°F (60°C), you can expect compost in just 30-90 days. There’s no tumbling or forking required and no issues with odor, flies or pests like that of traditional cold composting.

    Quick and easy composting

    • Composts 32 times faster than cold composting in the market
    • Easy to set-up and use with no assembly required
    • No power source, accelerators or activators needed
    • Compost more types of waste

Dramatically reduce amount of waste your household sends to landfill; recycle more unavoidable food and yard waste into homemade organic compost.
HOTBIN Composting NA , part of Engineered Foam Products UK, is the manufacturer and distributor of HOTBIN Composters in North America. The company, Engineered Foam Products, is ideally positioned to engineer the innovative and sustainable foam products of the future, whether there are lightweight and impact absorbent automotive components to improve vehicle efficiency, or thermal efficient products such as HOTBIN Composting bins. The HOTBIN is an aerobic composting bin designed to utilize the excellent insulation benefits of expanded polypropylene (EPP) to reduce waste sent to landfills. Its thermally efficient material, allows fast waste-composting at home in as little as 30-90 days.

HOTBIN Works All Year Round. Steaming away at up to 140°F HOTBIN breaks down your waste 32 times faster than a cold compost bin, meaning you can harvest a mulch compost in 30 days and get rich general purpose compost after 90 days. The award winning HOTBIN is super insulated, enabling the temperature to increase naturally over time through the addition of fresh waste, shredded paper and woodchips, the bacterial process does the rest. No plug-in heat source needed!

Address:   1511 N St Marks Pl .Palatine, IL 60067
Email:  info@hotbincomposting.com     Contact:  
Phone:  630-210-2041   FAX: 


Get Composting Anywhere - Near the House on Paving, Gravel and Decking
As the HOTBIN Composter has a solid base and is not open to the earth it can be positioned on any flat surface - in sun or shade, on soil, grass, paving, gravel and decking. This videodemonstrates that you don't need a specially prepared area in your garden to do your composting. The HOTBIN may produce a small amount of leachate which could produce brown marks on patios. This can be removed however, using water and a stiff brush.

The Basics - Taking the HOTBIN's Temperature
The HOTBIN is supplied with two thermometers, both of which measure the temperature in Celsius (°c) and Fahrenheit (°f). The integrated thermometer in the lid reads the temperature of the air leaving the bin. Checking the temperature on the lid and you won’t let any heat escape. Use the lid thermometer as a rough gauge to measure if there has been a temperature increase since you last visited the bin. Use the second thermometer provided to accurately measuring the internal heap temperature. Remember that if you have an internal reading above 40°c or 104°f then you can start adding your perennial weeds, cooked food and even pet waste.

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