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MANTS 2021 - Prides Corner Farms with SynRG® Charter Growers Announce Educational Programs for MANTS 

Join industry visionaries and world-class breeders to get a peek behind the curtain of exciting new plant introductions!  SynRG® is taking you on a trip around the world to hear the stories behind some of our favorite new plants.  All times are Eastern. 

Jan 6, 2021 | 11:00 AM – Behind the Scenes at Raymond Evison Clematis 

Go behind the scenes at Raymond Evison Clematis as we join Raymond from his nursery in Guernsey Island. Raymond has spent six decades searching for, breeding and developing the world’s best clematis and has developed and introduced over 100 varieties and cultivars. Join us to hear Raymond share his story and learn about his top-quality clematis.
Webinar ID: 913 6864 8710 & Passcode: 592278

Jan 7, 2021 | 10:00 AM – Rosarian Ping Lim on building Altman Plants’ True Bloom™ Rose Program 

Join horticultural legend Dr. Michael Dirr to hear about his new hydrangea breeding; including three new hydrangea that will be available from SynRG® growers in 2021. Dr. Dirr’s lifelong passion for horticulture is well-known and his teaching, research, writing, and plant introductions have made an immeasurable impact on the green industry.

Jan 7, 2021 | 10:00 AM – New Woody Plants with Dr. Michael Dirr  

Join horticultural legend Dr. Michael Dirr to hear about his new hydrangea breeding; including three new hydrangea that will be available from SynRG® growers in 2021. Dr. Dirr’s lifelong passion for horticulture is well-known and his teaching, research, writing, and plant introductions have made an immeasurable impact on the green industry.
Webinar ID: 988 4471 1408 & Passcode: 592278

Jan 7, 2021 | 1:00 PM - Doug Tallamy Planting Native Plants and Restoring Biodiversity  

SynRG® is partnering with American Beauties Native Plants® to bring you the opportunity to hear Doug Tallamy share his call-to-action for planting native plants and restoring biodiversity. Doug is a professor at the University of Delaware and author of several books, including Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens and Nature’s Best Hope.
Join the Zoom Meeting Webinar ID: 960 9387 4426 Passcode: 592278

Jan 8, 2021 | 10:00 AM – Handpicked for You®: Certified to Thrive! New Brand Unveiling  

Attend the unveiling of the new Handpicked for You® certification logo and learn why we’re Certified to Thrive! Handpicked for You® is a plant certification program designed to rigorously identify the top performing plants and shrubs in specific regional and local markets. We are committed to helping consumers become more successful with outdoor gardening by alleviating the fear of failure.
Join the Zoom Meeting Webinar ID: 912 4528 7960 Passcode: 592278

Jan 8, 2021 | 11:00 AM – Join the Boxwood Revolution with NewGen!  

Join the Boxwood Revolution and hear from the team behind the ground-breaking NewGen Boxwood introductions that have better resistance to Boxwood Blight, better resistance to Boxwood Leafminer, and overall stunning appearances.
Join the Zoom Meeting Webinar ID: 926 3832 5365 & Passcode: 592278

Jan 8, 2021 | 1:00 PM – Join Tim Wood to Discuss New Hydrangeas and Plants of the Year  

Join us to hear about several exciting new Hydrangea paniculatas from Spring Meadow Nursery along with the 2021 Proven Winners® Color Choice® plants of the year from the one and only Tim Wood! Join the Zoom Meeting Webinar ID: 983 9301 0195 Passcode: 592278

Jan 8, 2021 | 2:00 PM – Join PP&L to Discuss Frostkiss® Hellebores and Delgenius™ Delphinium

Steve Lendvay and April Herring from Pacific Plug & Liner will join us to discuss several new plant introductions, including the Frostkiss® Hellebores, the Delgenius™ Delphinium and Carex Feather Falls. Join the Zoom Meeting Webinar ID: 973 7848 6862 Passcode: 592278

The most Diverse selection of plant material in Northeast
Prides Corner Farms is the largest independent focused grower in the northeast with 4 growing locations in CT totaling over 600 growing acres. We grow a huge selection of containerized plants including woodies, perennials, fruit plants, roses and herbs that we deliver from Maine to Virginia & as far west as Michigan. The goal of our family owned nursery is to make the lives of our customer partners easier & to do anything to make them more successful & profitable.

Prides Corner Farms has the most diverse selection of plant material in the northeast. With a single order to Prides Corner, you can fill a truck with trees, shrubs, herbs, perennials, and roses. Our state of the art shipping system and our friendly dedicated customer service staff enables us to provide you with these high quality plants, ready to sell, often within 48 hours of your call. Once you get our plants, our unique, customer friendly programs including Sara's Superb Herbs, The Solution Series, and All-American Daylilies will entice your customers and increase sales of the plants you have purchased.

Address:     122 Waterman Rd. Lebanon, CT 06249
Email:     sales@pridescorner.com     Contact:    
Phone:    (800) 437-5168    FAX:     (860) 642-4155


All our programs are designed to give you the opportunity to make well informed decisions regarding plant material. The programs ensure that you make the right choice for your garden. Building customer confidence and establishing successful gardens are the ultimate goals of these programs. Choose your program...

Why We Brand

At Prides Corner, a diverse selection of high quality plants is just the start of what we offer.  We offer the most innovative selection of branded programs in the industry, developed solely with the idea of increasing sales in your garden center. The brands we offer will make a difference in your bottom line and captivate your customers while reinforcing your own brand strategy.

  • Enhance and sharpen your brand!
  • Branded plants have added value with the newest genetics
  • Branded plants have a built in brand story that make them appealing to consumers
  • Added value equals added margin and added turns!
  • Branded plants provide you with power and profit without the huge investment

Branding plants and making them stand out in the consumer's mind is a vitally important step in allowing them to buy easier and quicker and for you to sell more at a higher profit! Take a look at our incredibly diverse selection of branded programs…there is something for every garden center and consumer!

Underutilized, GORGEOUS Ornamental Grasses!
Tim is out in the sunshine and shadecover today, showing off some of landscapings best kept secrets...

Our most important goal is to build a strong partnership with you and your business.

Your Prides Corner Sales Team is the most visible part of building this relationship. Their desire and ability to listen to your needs and provide solutions to the problems you face every day. They strive to make you successful by providing you with exceptional service, plants, branded programs and information.

Your PCF sales team may be your everyday contact but, rest assured, everyone at Prides Corner is part of your PCF sales team. Over 500 workers are focused every day on providing everything you need to be successful because, only then, will we be successful.

Our plants, industry-leading brands, and programs are great tools for your business but the partnership your PCF sales team builds with you is the best tool we can provide for your business success and ours. One call to Prides Corner is just the start of a successful, winning partnership for you and your customers.

Sales and Customer Service

Stephanie Butterick

Stephanie Butterick

Sales Rep for Southern NY and Northern NJ

Cell Phone: (860) 884-5493

Fax: (860) 468-6102

Sales Rep for Northern NJ, West Chester, Rockland, NYC, Hudson Valley, and Northeast New York

Inside sales rep is Miranda Basley serving customers in Northern NJ, West Chester, Rockland, and NYC.

Inside sales rep is Michelt Gonzalez serving customers in the Hudson Valley, and Northeast New York.

Wholesale Yard Customer Service


Liveroof Sales Representatives


Prides Corner Farms

Wholesale Grower - Family owned for more than 30 Years

Prides Corner is a family-owned regional grower that has built its business over the last 40+ years by virtue of its incredible product diversity coupled with customer service that has set the standard for the industry.  Our goal is to be your best business partner, a partner that helps you grow, helps you sell and helps you to be more profitable.

Growing over 2200 varieties of plants on 350+ acres, Prides Corner supplies our Independent Garden Center, Wholesale Yard and Landscaper customer base with lush, colorful, retail ready product weekly at the height of its salability to ensure it sells quickly at the highest profit point possible. We share the goal with our customers to keep the product moving because, with our incredible selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, grasses, roses, fruits, vegetables and herbs, we always have more superb looking product to fill the shelves.  Even better, we always have the selection to make putting a weekly order together a no-brainer,  we have the logistics to get the plants to our customers on time and ready to sell and, as a result, have the ability to help you control your inventory and your costs!

Branded Programs

Branded Programs and plants are a staple of what makes Prides Corner different.  Our goal is to provide the consumer with great genetics coupled with great stories that make buying a foregone conclusion. As a member of all the major national growing groups, Prides Corner has access to the latest and greatest new plants in Proven Winners, Endless Summer, David Austin Roses, Knockout Roses and others along with the great stories that make these plants and brands so compelling to the consumer. Further, we have created our own branded programs such as Sara’s Superb Herbs, Pink Ribbon Plants, Goodness Grows Edibles and White Flower Farm that provide independent garden centers and landscapers the ability to sell a diversified group of plants that are packaged in such a way that they speak to the consumer and appeal to their emotions driving sales.

Industry Leading Logistics

As a regional nursery that serves the northeast quadrant of the country from Maine to Virginia and west through Ohio, Prides Corner can assure you that your plants are close by, acclimatized to our unique climate and ready to thrive. Many regional growers in our area might be able to claim that same advantage but Prides Corner offers a further advantage.  We have set the standard on order turnaround in the green industry meaning that, even if your order arrives at Prides Corner on Wednesday, you still can have it at your garden center or on your job site and ready to sell by the weekend. 

Our plant diversity is unmatched.  Our ability to service you by getting you what you need when you need it is the industry standard.  Our focus on inventory control and branded plants that speak to your customers and promote sales is unmatched.  With all these partnership building superlatives, we have something for everyone who wants to make their business more profitable.  Let us show you how Prides Corner can make a difference in your business!

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