100th Monkey Mushroom Farm

Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Kits

There is an interesting story behind the founding of 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm: a story that is almost as unique as its name. Husband-wife team Heather Ralston and Jimm Stack created the 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm in 2011, although its roots stretch to nearly a decade ago.

Jimm and Heather share a background in education. They loved every minute of their combined twenty years of teaching, coaching, and writing curriculum. Helping others learn has always been their passion, and they knew that educating others would always be a part of their lives in one form or another.

Heather and Jimm have always lived in close proximity to open and wild spaces because they love nature. With the ability to inspire, ground, and heal, nature is the one place that makes them feel truly alive. Their love for nature led to their interest in mushrooms.

Their interest in mushrooms quickly blossomed into a passion as they began to understand the intricate and essential role that mushrooms play in keeping the planet and all of its inhabitants healthy. Ten years ago, Heather and Jimm began exploring the art of growing mushrooms and are now experienced mushroom farmers. Growing mushrooms provides them with a strong connection to nature, which they want to share with others.

They knew that they wanted to join their teaching experience with mushroom farming to educate adults and children about the wonderful world of mushrooms. Making fun, educational grow-your-own mushroom kits was, they decided, the best way for them to share with people how to integrate welcome mushrooms into their everyday lives. And so they founded the 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm.

Jimm and Heather want you to discover the fun of growing your own mushrooms right on your kitchen counter. Their ultimate goal is to reconnect you with the wonder and mystery of nature by bringing nature to you. If their kits can bring a lot of people a little closer to nature, then they have done their job well. They hope you enjoy one of their many mushroom kits!

Address:     3330 Loyola Court Boulder, CO 80305
Email:    info@100thMonkeyMushrooms.com     Contact:   Heather Ralston
Phone:    720-583-1479    FAX: 



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