D&B Plants

Evergreen and flowering shrub liners
Propagator of evergreen and flowering shrub liners used as container and field starts. Plants are well-branched, strongly rooted, and acclimated to enhance optimal growth. We also offer well established, grafted plants.

A fundamental truth we at D&B Plants believe is that as a company our survival and viability is solely dependent on our customers success with the plant material we nurture and provide. Producing vigorous well branched, thoroughly rooted starter plant material, that integrates well with the timing, cultural methods and systems our clients utilize, is our objective. To accomplish this objective D&B Plants will strive towards continual training and promotion of our motivated employees, as well as implementing the most effective, environmentally compatible blend of traditional and high tech equipment and techniques.

Address:     27550 School Section Rd. Richmond, MI 48062
Email:    info@dandbplants.com     Contact:   Kuszmaul, Robert
Phone:    810-392-3393   FAX:  810-392-3397




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