Forever Stone

Granite Fire pits, Pavers, Tile/veneer, Compass Rose
In 2008 I discovered that granite counter fabrication companies actually throw away tons of granite. I couldn't believe that so much was being thrown away. For 2 years I looked for an economical way to turn the waste granite into something usable. I purchased several different wet saws trying to make it work. In the spring of 2010 I located a patented machine that cuts granite like a giant cookie cutter. I opened up a shop in Caln Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. The pavers we make with granite are 3 times harder than concrete.

We try to keep it green. Almost everything you buy creates waste either in the manufacturing or the packaging. Granite pavers can be a zero waste business. We collect the granite in recycled industrial totes that once transported anything from vitamin E to ink. Recycled pallets or skids are used to ship the pavers out. All the waste granite that we produce gets turned into crushed stone for concrete products or the underlay for the pavers. This way we don't throw anything away. The carbon footprint we are creating is about the same as if it was thrown out. It would have been transported to the landfill anyway. So you create less waste the more Forever Stone you use.

Why Granite? Granite will last a lifetime. When you compare granite to other paving materials you can't get any harder. Granite is made up of about 90% quartz and feldspars minerals. Granite should have a hardness of about 6 or higher based on Moh's scale. To compare this to other paving materials slate/flagstone is 2.5-4 on Moh's scale and Travertine is 4. To put this in perspective diamonds are 10 and talc in 1. Granite will last forever. It's used as counters because it will dull your knife before it scratches. --- Marc Lieberman

Address:     27 S. Darlington St. West Chester, PA 19382
Email:     Contact:   Lieberman, Marc J.
Phone:    610-873-6375   FAX:  610-430-8504




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