JRT Nurseries

JRT Nurseries Inc. is a family operated business located in Aldergrove, British Columbia and Lynden, Washington. Our horticultural expertise and temperate climate provides an ideal setting for producing exceptional nursery stock. We have just over forty acres of greenhouse growing area and 250 acres of container growing area. From our humble beginnings as a 5 acre, family-run blueberry farm, JRT Nurseries Inc. has grown significantly and steadily into producing high quality ornamental, small fruit and perennial plants with a state-of-the-art tissue culture lab.

JRT has been producing top quality, disease free blueberry bushes for over 20 years. We are also a member of the British Columbia Blueberry Council, North American Blueberry Council, the British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association and are P. ramorum certified. Along with providing top quality stock at the best possible prices, we will be happy to provide our customers with expert advice on setting up a cohesive and successful growing plan.

Due to our extensive collective experience and advanced growing systems, we have an extremely high success rate for the viability of our plugs, liners and finished product. We are extremely pleased with our plug/liner quality and their healthy fibrous root systems. We deeply understand the importance of quality and are committed to providing our customers with the finest product at the best possible prices. JRT Nurseries takes all cuttings from healthy, virus-tested mother stock and propagate them in strict disease-free environments to ensure the healthiest and most robust plug for our own use, as well as for the use of our clients and customers. Please contact us regarding quotes for custom propagation.

Our ornamentals, perennials and other small fruits growing takes place on three sites in Aldergrove, BC and one in Lynden Washington. We have been growing ornamentals since 2006 . We continually strive to provide you with an ever growing selection of quality plants and we take great pride and care in delivering our very best. The primary focus of our growing plan is to produce prime grade material that is well suited to any retail environment & landscape site of superior quality. With our experienced sales team we will be able to provide you with plant selections or structure an ad plan suitable to your company. If you have any ideas for plants you would like us to carry in the future please offer your suggestions, your comments are highly valued by us.

Address:     2396 272nd St. Aldergrove, BC V4W2R1
Email:    sales@jrtnursery.com     Contact:   Vanderwerf, Ben
Phone:    905-324-5686   FAX: 


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