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The Kennedy family has been involved in some form of the concrete business since The Great Depression when Lewis Kennedy (now deceased) started it. After observing the early plastic and rubber molds, Lewis' son, Alfred R. Kennedy Senior, and grandson Alfred R. Kennedy Junior, identified a trend in the concrete industry towards a more scientific approach to the placing and quality of concrete. These observations led them to believe that there was a potential in these developments for a new business making use of these technologies. As a result, in 1988 they formed their own company, Kennedy Concrete, Inc. They began investigating the use of these new molds and new advances in concrete technology under a tarp. Within a year, they had progressed far enough to move to a bigger tarp and to market their concrete products.

In 1990, Kennedy Concrete moved to their present location at 570 Dutchtown Road, Ashland, Pennsylvania, and began marketing their concrete products. They also began using the first of the chemicals available to make a very strong and dense concrete product. With their continued growth, Kennedy Concrete began doing "Trade Shows" and added the "4th Generation Kennedy", Alfred R. Kennedy III to the firm. A new and larger facility was constructed in 1999. Since then, the number of molds has grown to over 500 and the company developed the Blue Mountain Stone line as a substitute for Pennsylvania Blue Stone. Alfred R. Kennedy Senior (deceased) and as of today, Kennedy Concrete has one of the largest selection of concrete pavers, garden accent pieces and utility concrete products in the nation. It is also one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of high quality concrete products. Kennedy Concrete continues to grow as new product lines are added and as they expand out to cover a larger area of the country.

Address:     PO Box 327 Gordon, PA 17936
Email:     Contact:   Kennedy,III, Alfred R.
Phone:    570-875-2780   FAX:  570-875-3626


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