Power Planter

Power Planter Augers
We are a small family run business located on a grain farm in Central Illinois. The company came to be when a gentlemen from a nearby university approached Wayne Niewold, owner, about the possibility of manufacturing an auger he could use around the campus to make his job more efficient than a garden trowel. That conversation and eventual invention of Power Planters set the company off and running. We have been manufacturing our Power Planter Augers for both homeowner and professional landscaper alike since the early 1990’s.

Our company today is comprised of Wayne Niewold (owner), Grace Funk (Wayne’s Daughter, Office Manager), and Greg Niewold (Wayne’s Grandson, Manager). We have over 50 years of combined welding experience, hand welding each auger.

When planting with the Power Planter, the auger will create loose dirt which will give your plants better root-to-soil contact and reduce death loss. It also leaves a small amount of loose soil in the bottom of the hole for the new plant to start growing. Finally, this auger makes gardening fun. No more back breaking digging with a garden shovel and raking out with your hand. Now you just need to drill, plant, and fill.

Address:     931 N. 1600 E. Rd. Loda, IL 60948
Email:        Contact:   Niewold, Greg
Phone:    217-379-2614   FAX:  217-379-2614


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