Speer & Sons Nursery

Growing over 180 varieties and cultivars
At Speer & Sons Nursery, Inc. we grow flowering and shade trees for the wholesale trade. At present, we are growing over 180 varieties and cultivars that are shipped to the United States and parts of Canada.

Our History -- In 1948, Speer and Sons Nursery was started in Fairview, Oregon on ten acres of land by my father, Dan Speer and grandfather, Benjamin Speer. The main crops grown on this farm were fruit trees. In 1950 dad purchased a 27 acre farm in Springdale, Oregon. On this farm the main crops that were grown were fruit trees, shade trees, roses, and conifers.

Seven years later the nursery was moved to Corbet, Oregon where Dad purchased 40 acres along Gordon Creek. Dad was starting to do better financially because of the increased acreage, but experienced some very harsh winters because of the east wind coming out of the Columbia Gorge. Because of the harsh winters Dad started looking for another farm that wasn't affected by the Gorge winds. In 1965 Dad purchased 178 acres in Hillsboro, Oregon. Of the 178 acres only 75 was plantable because of the Tualitan River floodplain. On this farm the main crops grown were flowering and shade trees, which is what would become the crop that Dad decided he would specialize in from that time on.

Address:     PO Box 969 Cornelius, OR 97113
Email:    info@speernursery.com     Contact:   Speer, Daniel
Phone:    503-547-8296   FAX:  503-547-8298


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