Clement Horticulture

Horticulture Sales Rooted in Service  
Clement -- Horticulture Sales Rooted in Service -- is a wholesale project designed to make buying easy for you. By providing the right plants and materials for your specific needs, I aim to make Clement (named for my father), a collaboration amongst chosen vendors and my customers. This is not a brokerage effort. No prices are increased through purchases made with me. My position is to act as liaison between my vendors and my customers. A total of 12 years experience as a landscaper, garden center troubleshooter, landscape designer and garden center live goods purchasing agent, added to 9 years as a district representative for a major container nursery are all paramount to making Clement work for you.

Address:   3253 Chestnut Ave. Baltimore, MD 21211
Email:     Contact:   Joel Gaydos
Phone:  443-326- 8779   FAX: 


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