Baltimore City Composting

Mulch, Soil.  
Composting is a natural biological process, carried out under controlled conditions, which converts organic material into a stable humus-like product called compost. During the composting process, various microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, break down organic material into simpler substances. Composting is an aerobic process, meaning that the microorganisms require oxygen to do their work.

The Baltimore City Composting Facility is the proud producer of ORGRO Professional Compost and other related Soil Amendment Products. ORGRO, Class A compost, is produced in an invessel reactor that is fully roofed. This efficient process combined with stringent regulation of all ingredients, has made ORGRO a compost trusted to bring structure and a slow-release nitrogen value to soils for nearly 30 years.

Address:     5800 Quarantine Rd. Baltimore, MD 21226
Email:     Contact:   Thomas Fantom
Phone:    (410) 354-1636   FAX: 


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