BioSafe Systems

Simply Sustainable, Always Effective.
BioSafe Systems not only strives to manufacture and sell effective algae and disease control products, but also advocates a preventative approach to using these products. BioSecurity is the elimination and prevention of disease pressures in an environment, thereby maintaining a healthy growing area. This is the best way to control losses caused by microbial disease organisms and is the single most effective way to increase profits. Our products and programs are designed to help you achieve BioSecurity. We hope you will call us to discuss how your own operation can implement BioSecurity practices.

Address:     22 Meadow St. East Hartford, CT 06108
Email:     Contact:     Jeff Rich
Phone:    888-273-3088    FAX:  860-290-8802


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BioSafe Systems - Retail Product Showcase

Simply Sustainable, Always Effective.
BioSafe Disease Control is broad spectrum and begins working immediately. Some diseases spread through the air, affecting even the healthiest of gardens. As a biodegradable fungicide...
    BioSafe Systems - Professional Grower Showcase

    Simply Sustainable, Always Effective.
    BioSafe Systems’ organic, sustainable and effective products are uniquely balanced alternatives to harsh and toxic chemicals. For over 15 years our growers have seen our products successfully...

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