Blue Sterling Nursery

Our Quality Shines Again & Again
We are a wholesale nursery located in Southern New Jersey’s farm country, about one hour from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We propagate, grow, and sell rare and unusual conifers and Japanese maples in containers. Most of our customers are independent garden centers, although we do serve growers who buy our plants for lining-out. If you are a wholesale customer and would like to view current inventory with prices, please contact us for a password. Master Gardeners, garden club members, and anyone curious about dwarf conifers is welcome to visit our consumer website.

Beginnings are always humble: in 1982, we started with the purchase of 24 acres of fenced-off cow pasture in southern New Jersey. After much hard work we transformed this barbed wire grid into a nicely laid out container production nursery. In 1992, we purchased more land and added another 16 acres for production, display gardens and office area. In 2000 we designed another container area of about 20 acres which is now into full production. We also built our state of the art propagation house which is roughly 21,000 sq.ft.

Our specialty is growing some of the highest quality plants currently available in the industry. They include rare, miniature, slow-growing or just plain unique and difficult to find treasures. Almost all of them are asexually reproduced, by either cuttings or grafting, to keep the highly desirable characteristics that make these selections Genetically Superior Cultivars™. We grow them in #1 - #10 sized containers.

We travel and make contacts around the world to bring you some of the newest and finest introductions in the conifer world. We concentrate on plants sized for today's garden landscapes. These cultivars are slower growing and more suited to smaller better designed yards. They also need less maintenance for pruning and shaping. Most true dwarfs actually never need to be pruned or shaped and they will keep their form for many years to come.

Address:     372 Seeley Cohansey Rd. Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Email:     Contact:   Douglas E. Webber
Phone:    856-451-2259    FAX:  856-451-2442




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