Greenwood Propagation

Propagators and Growers of Exceptional Nursery Stock.  
reenwood is North America's largest producer of Epimedium liners with 65,000 plants in production. Native American gems including Pachysandra procumbens ..with 55,000 produced annually. Yellowroot..Xanthorhiza..The toughest and most durable ,although seldom offered, of the native ground covers according to Michael Dirr. Other species include Aesculus parviflora and the cv. 'Rogers' with over 6,000 in production and exceeding 48" in height. This makes us America's bottlebrush source. Asarum Canadensis...Variegated Solomon's Seal...Pink Lily of the Valley and other garden treasurers rarely offered as domestically produced material.

Address:     8805 Kemman Rd. PO Box 190 Hebron, IL 60034
Email:     Contact:   King, Phillip
Phone:    815-385-8722   FAX:  815-385-8722


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