Rarefind Nursery

Purveyors of Fine Plants
RareFind Nursery wants to offer its customers good value for the money they spend. That means good-sized, healthy plants with large root systems. Most of our plants are grown right here at the nursery, but we obtain some plants from other specialty nurseries as well. Many of the plants we offer are not available anywhere else, so we must propagate them ourselves. Generally it takes from 1-2 years (or at least 2 growing seasons) to produce a plant from a cutting. We ask for your patience in obtaining more of plants that are out of stock.

Although we do not generally specify container sizes in the catalog, most of the plants we ship (with the exception of perennials) are grown in a 1, 2 or 3 gallon pot. PLANT SIZES DO NOT INCLUDE THE ROOT BALL. We try to be conservative when measuring plants so that you may well receive a larger plant than you ordered.

Address:     957 Patterson RD Jackson, NJ 08527
Email:    support@rarefindnursery.com     Contact:   Paulus, Irving
Phone:    (732) 833-0613    FAX:  732-833-1623




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