George Bridge Boxwoods

Specializing in Mature Plants  
George Bridge has the largest collection of unique and mature plants, trees, and boxwood in the country. His collections are located on twenty-five acres called Acorn Farm and in Southern Virginia on three hundred acres. George caters to high-end landscape designers and architects, and he has been recognized for his own landscape design work. His landscaping design work includes the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., the National Sporting Library in Middleburg, Virginia, and other institutions and private residences in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Virginia. The Maryland farm houses plants that have been collected over the last twenty years and include one hundred year-old wisteria vines, forty year-old espaliered apple trees and large deciduous specimen trees. The Virginia farm consists of American and English boxwood up to ten feet tall and wide. George has quantities that can realize the most ambitious designs.

Address:   5105 Griffith Rd. Laytonsville, MD 20882
Email:     Contact:   George Bridge
Phone:  301-482-2128   FAX:  301-482-1754


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