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Florikan -- Controlled Release Fertilizers

Founded in 1981 by Ed and Betty Rosenthal, Florikan is a privately held, family-owned and operated business located in Sarasota, Florida with 40 employees. As the industries Florikan serves have evolved in the past 30+ years, so has Florikan. However, the goal has remained the same: To help growers find a better way to lower their costs and improve the quality of the plants while reducing the industry's footprint on the environment.


Florikan specializes in polymer coated fertilizer technologies such as Florikote® and Nutricote®. These controlled release fertilizers reduce the need for multiple fertilizer applications while improving crop performance. Our Staged Nutrient Release® blending technology times the release of plant nutrients to a crop’s uptake pattern, thereby reducing waste and increasing efficiency of the fertilizer.

As a leader in polymer-coated fertilizer technologies for the agriculture, horticulture and turf industries, Florikan brought the recently developed and patented polymer-coated fertilizer technology, Florikote, to market in 2008. Since then, they have experienced more than fifty percent year over year growth in its production volume.

Invented by Florikan with assistance from the NASA-funded Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program, Florikote utilizes next-generation polymers and manufacturing processes that enable the encapsulation of unique fertilizer materials that previously have not been available commercially. Florikan is the only manufacturer of controlled release fertilizer in Florida and the only wholly-owned controlled release fertilizer production company based in the U.S.

Florikote technology is available across a broad range of fertilizer substrates and release types. Florikan is proud to offer the most extensive list of coated fertilizer products in the industry. Florikote is available in release types from 2 months (60 days) up to 12 months (360 days). We manufacture coated fertilizers in larger sizes (SGN 225-350) for the agriculture and horticulture industries and in smaller sizes (SGN 90-200) for the golf, turf and greenhouse markets.

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