GrowIt! Mobile -- The Plant Community

Plant a garden. Grow a community.  
GrowIt! (TM) The Plant Community - On GrowIt! you can connect with people to find inspiration for your next plant project, get your questions answered, and have your plants identified. We also host plant and seed giveaways. Join the community.

Don’t know what flowers to plant in that container on your patio? GrowIt!™ is here to help you out. Find out what people are planting in your area. GrowIt!™ lets you Garden Socially. Whether you want to show off your plants, or find something that will work in your garden; GrowIt!™ has something for every type of gardener.

Address:     622 Town Rd. West Chicago, IL 60185
Email:    mday@growitmobile.com     Contact:   Mason Day
Phone:    630-231-3600   FAX:  630-562-7990


We've brought together a team of motivated innovators to impact the garden in a big way. We’re making it easier for people to know which plants to buy, enabling Garden Shops to sell more, while revolutionizing data collection for the green industry!

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