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Master Nursery Garden Centers

Master Nursery Garden Centers, Inc., is a multi-million dollar memberowned cooperative comprised exclusively of independent retail garden centers. Master Nursery exists to insure the success of its members as independent nursery professionals in today’s competitive marketplace. Members receive generous discounts, rebates, and dating programs from a select list of vendors. In addition, members have exclusive access to Master Nursery branded products, successful marketing programs, professional support staff, and quality business services.

Mastery Nursery brand products are all premium products developed specifically for home gardeners. In developing our products, our goal is to provide a product that is equal to or BETTER than other national brands so that our members can offer their customers the finest garden products.

Our Granular Fertilizers are formulated to provide the optimum amount of the three main ingredients of fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus and potash) for each type of specialty plant. In addition, they also include trace elements like calcium, iron, manganese, zinc or sulfur that can be extremely beneficial to plants.  Our Soils and Amendments are regionally formulated to provide gardeners the best products for their environment.

All Master Nursery brand products are 100% guaranteed.
Why Join?  
  • The Best Programs from the Best Growers & Vendors:
  • Over a 100 different vendors for green goods, hard goods, and business services with exclusive discounts, dating, rebates and programs.
  • An Exciting Line of Branded Annuals:
  • Garden Elements, Master Nursery’s premium collection of branded annuals includes distinctive combination planters and attractive POP.
  • Your Own Brand of Premium Products:
  • Top-quality products developed specifically for home gardeners, including: soils, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, gloves, tools, and more which can only be sold by member garden centers.

Master Nursery establishes relationships with vendors on behalf of their members. In exchange for bringing vendors a ready-made marketplace for their products and services, they ask vendors to give their members favorable pricing and terms. Vendors are encouraged to develop their own Master Nursery program, which may include discounts, extended dating, rebates or exclusive products.

Being an approved vendor to Master Nursery Garden Centers gives vendors the inside track to selling products to over 750 leading garden centers across the country. It streamlines vendors’ marketing efforts by providing a focused group of potential purchasers who rely heavily on the vendor approval and relationship-building efforts of the cooperative to bring them the best products and services and the best deals. Approved vendors will be allowed to exhibit at the annual Conclave and will be given other marketing opportunities only available to approved vendors.

Sales by approved vendors to members of the cooperative are billed through the central billing system of the cooperative, which saves vendors time and effort. Individual vendors are relieved of the responsibility of doing credit checks on each store, and vendor’s billing office only has to deal with one office, instead of hundreds.


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