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Coast of Maine Organic Products was founded in 1996 with the simple idea that a healthy planet needs healthy soil to sustain life. From this idea, a love of gardening and a commitment to sustainable practices, Coast of Maine Organic Products has grown to offer what we believe are the most unique and effective organic gardening products available. Our organically approved, compost-based soils, enriching mulches, soil supplements and liquid fertilizers are designed to enhance and support healthy soil biology. We compost residuals sourced locally in Maine and New Brunswick, such as shellfish (lobster & crab), salmon, wild blueberries, and cow manure. Additional local ingredients include: tree bark, worm castings, and seaweed. Coast of Maine distributes organic retail bagged goods to independent garden centers along the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and parts of the Mid-West.

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The Coast of Maine Story
There is a long composting tradition in Maine and Maritime Canada, especially among the region's salmon, wild blueberry and shellfish processors. In the late 1980's the State formed the Maine Compost Team - a group of specialists from the State Departments of Agriculture and Environmental Protection and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service - to help many of these processors set up successful composting programs.

Coast of Maine Organic Products was founded in early 1996 together with Great Eastern Mussel Farms (an early convert to composting) to better coordinate these efforts by investing in quality, capacity and the development of new markets for these truly exceptional composts.

By late 1996, we had taken over the management of a salmon composting facility in Marion Township, Maine owned by Washington County. The Marion site is located in easternmost Downeast, Maine, about 20 miles from the border town of Calais and a good four-hour drive to the north and east of Portland. The site is convenient to the region's salmon aquaculture farms, wild blueberry barrens and vast softwood forests that together yield the ingredients needed for our compost recipes.

In late 2008 we purchased the 26 acre site from the County and are in the midst of a significant expansion. Our new bagging and office building is complete, making us much more efficient. We also work closely with other composters in Maine and Maritime Canada, and have added kelp, lobster, hen manure, aspen bark and sphagnum peat to our ingredient list.

This expanding line of organically approved plant food and compost-based soils represents a real environmental win-win: we are finding important new uses for our region's natural resources and introducing our customers to a cost-effective alternative for growing beautiful,

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