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AGGRAND: Natural Fertilizers

A safe, highly effective alternative to chemical fertilizers.

In today's environmentally conscious society, AGGRAND offers a safe and cost-effective line of natural liquid fertilizers. The products are convenient and free of harmful chemicals, which makes AGGRAND the ideal choice for farmers, homeowners, commercial growers, lawn care and turf professionals seeking natural products with proven performance.

Benefits of Using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer

  • Potential cost savings per acre compared with chemical fertilizers
  • Feeds the natural soil biology to improve soil conditions and nutrient availability
  • Natural and organic formulations reduce environmental and safety concerns associated with conventional fertilizer

Opportunity to Sell AGGRAND

The increasing demand for sustainable fertilizers, along with USDA NOP compliance of certain AGGRAND products, opens many opportunities for AGGRAND Dealers. Recognizing the increasing marketplace demand for sustainable and organic products, AGGRAND Dealers can demonstrate the environmental benefits and potential cost savings realized by those who use AGGRAND natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers.

Fertilize Organically with AGGRAND

AGGRAND offers a complete line of natural-based products and provides an alternative to the potentially harmful chemical fertilizers on the market. Being natural and organically based products, AGGRAND is an environmentally responsible choice. AGGRAND fertilizers promote maintaining and building the soil by encouraging microbial growth and the breakdown of nutrients for plants. Their small particle size and liquid formulations also allow for rapid uptake when applied directly to leaves (foliar feeding). In addition, AGGRAND products contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as primary macronutrients; and calcium, magnesium and sulfur as secondary macronutrients, all of which are the major drivers for plant growth and development:

  • Nitrogen is a component in all proteins that dictates the function of the plant cell. Nitrogen deficiency results in plants with stunted growth.
  • Phosphorus is needed to convert light energy to chemical energy. It is essential for plant growth, flower and seed production.
  • Potassium regulates stomata activity for gas exchange, reduces water loss and increases drought tolerance.
  • Calcium regulates nutrients entering the plant and activation of plant enzymes.
  • Magnesium is an important component of chlorophyll where photosynthesis takes place.
  • Sulfur is important in the composition of the chloroplasts, amino acids and vitamins.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers are a safe and effective alternative to high-analysis chemical fertilizers.

AGGRAND conducts ongoing research and testing to ensure only the highest-quality natural ingredients are used in the formulation of AGGRAND fertilizers. Formulations are developed, tested and adjusted to provide products that can offer optimum fertility for each plant type.

Growers are recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility as they tend to their gardens, lawns and crops. They also recognize their homes, businesses and farms will be judged according to the appearance of their gardens, landscapes and fields. AGGRAND natural fertilizers offer the perfect solution – natural-based products that deliver outstanding results.

AGGRAND fertilizers can be mixed and applied using a variety of simple and effective methods. This short video demonstrates how to apply AGGRAND fertilizers to household applications, including trees, garden plants and lawns. Information for applying to large agricultural applications is also provided. This is a great introductory video for Dealers seeking to demonstrate how easy it is to use AGGRAND products regardless of the application.

OSF - AGGRAND Fertilizer 'Organic Series' NEW

A multipurpose liquid concentrate that promotes vigorous growth, increased root development and improved stress and disease tolerance in vegetables, fruits, nut trees and field crops.

NKP - Natural Kelp & Sulfate of Potash

An important part of any soil fertility/plant nutrition program. It contains 8% readily available Potash, a grade of 0-0-8 (N-P-K).

NFP - Wildlife Food Plot Formula

Boosts nutrient levels to help plants flourish. Improved habitat and easy access to succulent, nutrient-rich food will help attract more wild game and help grow larger, healthier animals.

NOF - Natural Fertilizer

A multi-purpose liquid product that is ideal for all-around use on flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns, shrubs, trees and field crops. Perfect for household plants as well.

NBM - Natural Liquid Bonemeal

An important part of any soil fertility and plant nutrition program. It contains 12% readily available phosphate (P2O5), which is reflected by the grade of 0-12-0 (N-P-K).

NLL - Natural Liquid Lime

High-quality super-fine limestone. Specifically formulated for foliar and root applications. Use on lawns, pastures and hay fields. Easy-to-apply liquid concentrate produces no dusty mess.

G1102 - Hose End Sprayer

The Hose End Sprayer fits quart containers of all AGGRAND fertilizers and makes product application convenient and efficient.

G1374 - Soil Sample Analysis Kit

Includes soil container, instructions for submitting a test request to Midwest Laboratories and interpretation of results by the AGGRAND staff.

Clothing & Promotional Items

See the available AGGRAND banners, field signs, decals and clothing.

Product Shelf Life

Information regarding the shelf life and proper storage and handling of AGGRAND natural fertilizers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are AGGRAND fertilizers more expensive to use than most chemical fertilizers?

A. No. In many cases AGGRAND fertilizers are less expensive to use per season than chemical fertilizers.

Q. Can I use AGGRAND fertilizers on all types of plants?

A. AGGRAND fertilizers work great on all fruits, vegetables, flowers, lawns, trees, shrubs and even houseplants.

Q. AGGRAND natural fertilizers have a lower NPK grade than chemical fertilizers. Does this mean they are less effective than chemical fertilizers?

A. Not at all. In fact, tests demonstrate that AGGRAND products stimulate the soil microbial activity that helps process nutrients, making them more available to plants. Plant nutrient efficiency can be very low with many chemical fertilizers and the rest becomes run-off that can contaminate surface and groundwater.

Q. Why should I stop using my usual brand of fertilizer and start using AGGRAND fertilizer?

A. Our tests show that AGGRAND fertilizer out-performs other fertilizers. AGGRAND fertilizers are ideal for all vegetables, fruits, flowers, lawns, trees, shrubs and houseplants and do not cause the environmental concerns associated with chemical fertilizers.

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