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Native prairie plants and seeds    
With three decades of experience growing, harvesting and preparing seed, plants, shrubs and trees, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries (TCRN) produces the highest-quality native, local-genotype seed and plants available. Our seed is typically collected within a 150-mile radius of each of our nurseries. We track seed origins diligently and carry more than one genotype. Most of our seed is nursery-grown in beds started from seeds collected ethically on native remnants. We still do some wild seed collection to preserve and promote diversity, by contract with landowners, but our policy is to collect only a small portion of the seed present. Additionally, we provide ecological management including invasive species control on these sites to ensure remnants remain healthy and viable. We also specialize in local genotypes, so please call us with specific origin needs.

Address: 17921 Smith Rd PO 256 Brodhead, WI 53520
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Phone:  (608) 897-8641   FAX:  (608) 897-8486



To create ecologically-driven land-use solutions that are practical, economical, and based on the best science and technology.


To bring the science of ecology to all land-use decisions.


At Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries, we lead the way in science-based native plant propagation. With a 30-year track record, we offer the highest quality native, local-genotype seed and plants as well as the expertise to use and care for them.

We specialize in meeting the needs of clients requesting specific origins. Taylor Creek’s local genotype seed is nursery-grown in beds started from seeds collected ethically on native habitat remnants. Although our nursery can provide a range of genotypes from throughout the U.S., it is Taylor Creek’s practice to produce seed and plants most often from the vicinity of our nurseries.

We track origins diligently and carry more than one genotype, for biodiversity propagation as well as customer service. And, we are pleased to offer custom growing of ultra-local seed. We will also grow plants from nearly any eco-region on demand for clients whose projects require them.

Because we are committed to a “first, do no harm” mindset, our plants are nursery grown; it’s not our practice to wild-collect live plants.

Learn more about our seed and plant production philosophy here.

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